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These animal species are cute as sugar - and gay


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Now that it really seems as if a little normality is returning after the initial shock of the Corona crisis, many zoos are opening their doors again. Visitors not only have the opportunity to marvel at cute meerkats and mighty elephants, but can also learn a lot about their (sometimes more, sometimes less) furry friends.

One aspect might surprise many here: in the context of many animal species, homo- or bisexuality is definitely not a rarity. On the contrary! Animals seem to be far more open than many humans when it comes to finding a suitable partner.

But which animal species are actually gay? The following list is only an excerpt of homosexual tendencies in the animal kingdom and might surprise one or the other. One thing is certain: animals do not know homophobia.

Gay animal number 1: the giraffe

Fancy a special wow moment? The vast majority of giraffes live in a same-sex partnership! Here they cuddle and smooch for all they're worth. In many cases, classic giraffe sex is probably merely a "means to an end", which only serves the purpose of reproduction.

Gay animal number 2: the lion

Even if lion and lioness in the zoo always look like the classic image of a Straight-family: appearances are deceptive! Strictly speaking, many lions are real "gang-bang fans". They live in a herd, stand up for each other and have sex with each other.

Gay animal number 3: the macaques

The little monkeys are among the animals that obviously enjoy their lives to the full. They sit relaxed on their rocks, examine the zoo visitors and now and then also their conspecifics. Unlike many other animal species, however, they do not seem to attach too much importance to fixed relationships. Rather, they can be enthusiastic about the quick adventure for one night.

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Lesbian relationships in the macaque kingdom, however, look a little different. Macaque females often have very deep relationships with each other and protect each other.

Gay animal number 4: the swans

Swans belong to those animals that - once they have given their heart away - stay with their partner. Whether the partner is male or female is secondary. A special feature: gay swans also grow together over time to form a real family. This means: after mating with a female swan, the two lovers drive the mother away, breed and then raise the young. Sometimes it also happens that gay birds become adoptive parents by taking care of abandoned eggs in nests.

By the way: Swans are not the only birds that form lifelong partnerships. The animal kingdom offers plenty of evidence that monogamy can indeed be practised over a complete lifetime.

Gay animal number 5: the sheep

First of all: most sheep are hetero. However, there are always some specimens that - although they would have the choice of selecting from a mass of female sheep - opt for the same-sex variant.

Why this is so can only be conjectured. Perhaps it is an innate passion for one's own sex, which shows itself more in some animals, less in others?

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