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GNTM - a "somewhat different" final in times of Corona


When you think of the GNTM finals of the last few years, you think of a brilliant show, great moments and lots of tears. This year, however, everything is different here too. Not even "model mum" Heidi could fly in because of the Corona crisis. Instead she was live from the USA via video chat.

At the end of the evening, 21-year-old Jacky was crowned the winner of the season... even though she was actually a runner-up. She couldn't really grasp her triumph right after the announcement.

However, it was a long way until the result was finally decided. The models were challenged once again - albeit in front of an empty audience. Some spectators, however, found the atmosphere generated by the now famous "applause from the tape" too much. They made their voices heard via twitter and complained that it was used too often and too loudly.

Dream ratings for a special final

Special times require special circumstances. This also applies to GNTM, of course! Despite the fact that viewers in the Hall Although the audience had to do without a show, the organisers still managed to put on a great show.

A special highlight was certainly the visit of designer Philipp Plein, who took a close look at the walks of the "Meeedchen" and who certainly enjoyed seeing his fashion presented in the finale of the most famous model show in the country. Every effort was made to stick to the classic elements that made up GNTM and offered a mix of guest appearances, walks and photo shoots.

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Lijana leaves voluntarily

What would a final be without a classic "Wow!" moment? In this case, contestant Lijana made the viewers drop their jaws for a brief moment. Because: she voluntarily decided to drop out of the show. Not "at some point", but actually in the final!

At first, no one could really understand her decision. She explained her move as a statement against bullying and started a discussion in the social networks. Many GNTM viewers could understand her, others were surprised that she made her decision so close to the finish line. After all, she might have deprived other contestants of the chance to run in the final.

However, she herself rarely seemed more relaxed than backstage shortly after she turned her back on the show. It remains to be seen how her career will develop in the coming months. One thing is certain: she made for an exit that will certainly be remembered by all involved for a long time to come.

The Personality Award goes to Tamara

In the GNTM finale, not only the winner of the season is chosen, but also the coveted Personality Award is presented. As the name suggests, this award is given to characters who have stood out during the season not only for their performance but also for their personality.

Klaudia with "K" should also be well-known proof that the Personality Award can indeed be wonderfully used as a springboard for further TV careers.

This year, the award went to Tamara. The audience voted her their favourite.

And for many other contestants of this season, the model dreams have not been completely shattered. Sarah, for example, said that she had resolved to continue her career.

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So the likelihood that some of the up-and-coming models will be on the red carpets in the future is quite high.

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