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Relaxations - and now? What gays should bear in mind when dating

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Whereas a few weeks ago strict quarantine was still the order of the day, the federal government's guidelines are currently being relaxed again. But what exactly does this mean for life as a single person? Are we now allowed to meet for dates again? Or are chats in forums and the like more popular than ever?

The good news: yes, it is possible to meet responsibly (!) and still have a little flirting adventure. As is so often the case, it is just important to look at tips and guidelines and not expect that everything can already go back to "normal".

Ideally, of course, the flirting partner also thinks that it is a good idea to pay a little attention to yourself and others. That way, there's not much standing in the way of a date during Corona time.

Tip No. 1: Observe the regulations of the respective federal state

The Corona period has once again shown that the power to decide on many issues lies with the individual federal states. What is currently permitted (and what is not) can vary from one federal state to the next. Therefore, if in doubt, enquire beforehand.

Tip no. 2: Stay at home if there are signs of illness

This should not be a tip, but a matter of course: if you are sick, stay at home! After all, everyone wants their "normal" life back as soon as possible. It would be a pity if the number of infected people increased due to carelessness.

Tip no. 3: Find a suitable location

Many restaurants have reopened their doors - subject to conditions, of course. If you already know where you want to take your date, you should find out in advance whether the location of your choice is already open. It also makes sense to look into any restrictions. Most of the time - at least for the visitors - these are "little things", such as keeping the minimum distance or disinfecting the hands.

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Tip no. 4: The walk as an alternative

Don't feel like visiting a restaurant or pub "under these circumstances"? No problem! Many singles are just now rediscovering how much fun it can be (and how romantic it is) to go for a walk together. The advantage: according to current findings, the virus is less likely to be transmitted in the fresh air. Minimum distances are also often much easier to keep when walking.

Tip No. 5: The face mask as a flirt factor

Pardon? How is the face mask supposed to be Flirt help? With a little imagination, you can do just that in a playful way! After all, the eyes are considered incredibly sexy by many people. So who wouldn't want to put them to the test in a special way? Scene to set? A sexy eye blink or a wink come This way, the smile is shown off to even better advantage. (Tip: It can be useful to practise "smiling with your eyes" before mirroring).

Tip no. 6: Make the best of the situation

Admittedly, there have been times when it was more fun to meet new people. But at the moment, everyone is in the same boat. Everyone knows that this is a difficult phase, but that it will pass at some point. Those who manage not to take life too seriously (despite the circumstances) and instead can smile about some aspects, such as hoarders, often come across as more likeable and less dogged.

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