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"The Mole" - Aaron is out!

"The Mole" - Aaron is out!

Too bad! In the last episode before the grand finale of "The Mole", audience favourite Aaron had to pack his bags. So the runner-up Mr. Gay Germany is not the Mole!

But he enriched the penultimate programme of the first season once again with his very special entertainment qualities. That's what makes it so hard to let him go.

Aaron convinces in the Group Challenge and wins a Joker

Everything still looked good during the show: Aaron was able to convince - together in the team with athlete Martin - and was therefore awarded both with a look into the Mole Cam by Jessica and a joker for the following elimination.

He was especially pleased that he was allowed to look at the comments of his fellow contestant who had been eliminated. After all, she was a real original who rarely kept her opinions to herself. So Aaron made himself comfortable in the hotel and watched Jessica talk about her fellow contestants and give her personal tips.

Perhaps this was the problem. Because: Aaron seemed even more confused after the video than before. Afterwards, he answered most of the questions about the mole incorrectly and saw the red light during the check.

One last chance for Aaron

Before the Vice Mr. Gay Germany had to pack his bags for good, he got one more chance. None of the other candidates knew that Aaron had come off worst. If he managed to divert suspicion from himself, he would be allowed to stay.

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For someone as emotional and open as Aaron, this was certainly the biggest challenge of the entire season.

The others were not deterred. Martin and Yves in particular were sure that it had not been enough for him. They were to be proved right. Aaron left the show, as he had presumably given himself away through a mix of body language and nervousness. Martin, Yves and Colleen will now face each other in the final.

An overview of Aaron's strengths as a candidate

Aaron had managed to captivate the viewers more and more from episode to episode. Actually, he would have been the "perfect Mole". Lovable, cooperative and intelligent.

His particular strengths were his knowledge of human nature and his broad general knowledge. Whether or how close it was in the end is - at least for the audience - written in the stars. What is certain is that even his Joker did not save him and that he was not particularly convincing when it came to lying.

Apart from an emotional outburst after Jessica, for her part, had quite decided to lie to the group, he usually always managed to keep his emotions in check. Especially when it came to defending himself against Martin's "claims to dominance" within the community, he defended his views politely but firmly.

However, all that is of little use now, because: Aaron is out. Nevertheless, it can be assumed - if only because of the high entertainment value - that the TV world will still hear from him in the coming months. After all, he already proved his TV qualities on "Prince Charming", the gay Bachelor. Here he was eliminated after three group dates and one single date in episode seven.

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