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Marcella Rockefeller and FASO release joint song!

Marcella Rockefeller and FASO release joint song!

A few days ago, on 10.07.2020, a new song was released for which the "basic data" already sound very interesting. Because: for "Heller" worked LGBTQ activist Marcella Rockefeller, Faso and Peter Plate together. The result is certainly worth listening to... And should ensure that the summer - which is currently perceived as a bit dreary by so many - can be saved after all. At least musically.

Whoever expects a heavy, supporting song with "Heller" will be disabused after the first notes. Because the song manages to unite concentrated energy and a rousing, positive attitude to life. A classic summer song that comes along "quite incidentally" with a special message.

To celebrate and enjoy - the first joint single by Marcella and FASO puts you in a good mood

Dance fans might find it hard to keep their feet still during "Heller". Also impressive: the quality of the head voice Marcella displays. It almost seems as if the artists involved no longer feel like burying their heads in the sand because of Corona and would instead prefer to bring their joie de vivre - in the hope that it will also infect others - to the outside world.

The video for "Heller" fits the overall concept

The video fits the song like a glove. Here, the party is not only on earth, but also on the moon... Just as long, until it gets brighter outside again. However, the focus is not only on the aforementioned joy of life, but also on the courage to stand by oneself.

Finding love with gayromeo classic

Accordingly, Marcella naturally unpacks her high heels in the video and dances and celebrates her way through the night.

So the song also manages to convey a very special message. A message that Marcella has been fighting for alongside the LGBTQ community for a long time. It's about celebrating, enjoying life and not thinking in pigeonholes. All the better when such an attitude to life can be transported not only with words but also with the right beats.

Those who have taken a closer look at "Heller" and see NOT only the poppy hymn to life, but also the hidden message behind it, quickly realise that social criticism and the desire for tolerance and equality do not always have to come in a "heavy garment". Sometimes it is obviously enough to simply dance one's opinion.

Celebrating in the "new togetherness

Admittedly: In the past, it was sometimes easier to party than in the summer of 2020. Contact restrictions, the closure of clubs and co. ensured that the good mood had to fall by the wayside.

As a result, the human psyche has also been badly affected. Accordingly, anyone in search of a little musical variety, an "earworm" including rousing beats and a little more glitter in life, should have found the right partner in "Heller". Especially if, on the second listen, you perhaps not only pay attention to the party mood, but also read between the lines.

By the wayMarcella Rockefeller is actually Marcel Kaupp in "real life" and became known to the general public through his victory in the eighth season of "Das Supertalent".

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