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Sir Elton (Hercules) John is honoured with his own coin!

Sir Elton John gets his own commemorative coin

Elton John will soon receive a special honour. Because: he is now also one of the musicians who will be immortalised on a commemorative coin.

Fans all over the world should take notice of this news. The coin set should enjoy great popularity. In an official statement, John was enthusiastic about the news. And: a look at the sales lists shows that many "Rocket Man" coins have already gone over the virtual counter.

A look at the details - What does the Elton John coin look like?

There's no question about it: Elton John is an icon with incredibly many facets. Accordingly, it must have been difficult to find a design for the coin. The selection of possible motifs is large. In the end, however, the artist Bradley Morgan Johnson decided on a portrait of the singer with his distinctive straw hat. Interestingly, the glasses - also typical of Elton John - are represented by a double note. Further details are the bow tie and small, colourful elements. Certainly, a purely monochrome coin would also have been atypical for the 73-year-old.

Fans can choose between different versions of the coin, including gold and silver, and thus create a very special memorial to their idol.

Royal Mint tweets about the Elton John Coin

The Royal Mint did not miss the opportunity to release the news about the Elton John coin in person. The accompanying tweet sounds a bit like a paean to a man who - like all other artists - unfortunately had to postpone his concerts recently.

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Thus, the mint writes of special times when music could help overcome challenges. Elton John's successes included 50 hits that made it into the Top 40 have made it. More than 300 million albums have been sold all over the world.

Reason enough, then, to erect a special monument to a special man. After all, he is considered a legend, even according to the Royal Mint.

Immortalised but incredibly active - Elton John likes to be inspired... And also inspires himself

When you think of artists who have been memorialised in this way, you usually think of people who are preparing for their twilight years. Elton John definitely seems to be different here. Until the Corona crisis, the over-70-year-old thrilled the masses on stage, played his songs for hours and planned another farewell tour.

The question "How does he manage it all?" is accordingly quite legitimate. It seems to be particularly important for him to be inspired again and again. He recently explained how exciting it is to exchange ideas with younger artists. They are able to transfer their adrenaline to others and encourage people.

Even if the dates, which are considered a farewell tour after the period of strict Corona requirements, it is hard to imagine that an exceptional artist like Elton John will at some point no longer be musically active will be.

His long list of achievements, his motivation and now the fact that he has been honoured with his own coin shows that it doesn't always have to be the mainstream artists who are able to influence a generation.

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Sometimes it is the birds of paradise who defy conventions and thus manage to encourage their fellow human beings and help them to stand up for themselves.


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