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Prince Charming: the Gay Bachelor of the second season has been chosen!

Alexander Schäfer is the new Prince Charming 2020

Certainly, the first season of "Prince Charming" was more successful than many would have suspected before. Millions of viewers now know the story of Nicolas Puschmann and his Lars. Both have moved in together and currently live in a flat in Düsseldorf.

They are considered to be one of the best examples of how the search for true love can actually work in front of an audience of millions. While many participants in the classic "Bachelor" format broke up shortly after the finale, the signs still seem to point to love for the first Gay Bachelor.

Matching the success of the first season, the second round now follows! This time everything revolves around 29-year-old Alexander Schäfer. He wants to follow Nicolas Puschmann's example and also find his partner on "Prince Charming". Due to the popularity of the show, high ratings can be expected again this time.

Classic principle, new man

The Prince Charming principle is similar to the well-known Bachelor variant. This time, too, 20 candidates vie for the heart of the protagonist. There is no official start date yet. But: it should be ready in 2020.

The show will most likely offer a colourful mix of group and individual dates, numerous surprises and a brilliant finale. Each week, candidates have to leave the villa. In contrast to the familiar Straight In the "Prince Charming" variant, however, not roses but ties are handed out.

If the candidates in round two are as varied as in the premiere, there will certainly be nothing standing in the way of a second successful round.

Frankfurt +++ The Rainbow Run 2020 +++

After all, Nicolas' season was even awarded the Grimme Prize. Expectations are accordingly high. But the anticipation is at least as great.

Ex-Prince Charming Nicolas Puschmann continues to champion the Pride movement

Ex-Prince Charming Nicolas is currently using his celebrity status, among other things, to focus on the Pride movement, their concerns and the desire for equality. Time and again, he makes statements via his social media accounts that prove that the world of former dating show participants does not have to be made up only of product collaborations and filtered selfies.

He recently used his media presence to draw attention to Christopher Street Day. It was important to "continue to fight for equal rights". However, the CSD demonstrations do not exclude partying and fun. Many people would use events like the Gay Pride to feel free and "hold hands without hesitation". The post was tagged with the hashtag "lovewins". This shows that someone who knows what he is talking about is writing here. His community thanked him with many hearts and lovely comments.

Can the second season of "Prince Charming" build on the success of the first season?

It will be difficult to follow in the footsteps of a Gay Bachelor like Nicolas Puschmann. After all, he always proved to be loyal and direct during the show and did not attract attention with bitchiness or the like. If there is an image of a "perfect" gay bachelor: Nicolas probably comes pretty close to it in the eyes of many people.

But: surely it is also not the intention of the new Prince Charming to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor. Even if Nicolas was the first gay Bachelor, it is only fair to give Alexander Schäfer a chance. The 29-year-old is good-looking, seems likeable and thus, at first glance, has everything it takes to turn the heads of the 20 guys (at least a little).

More and more men are resorting to cosmetic surgery

So we must continue to be curious and hope that the start of the season is not too far away.


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