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The DFB is sending out a signal for more diversity with a new campaign.

The DFB sets an example for diversity with a new campaign.

The passion for football is unbroken in Germany. Among other things, a few coming outs of famous protagonists have ensured that society has been able to catch an interesting glimpse behind the scenes of the DFB.

What is particularly worrying in this context, however, is that many athletes still do not dare to come out as gay during their active careers. They fear for their image, hopeful transfers and reputation with the fans.

With its latest action, the DFB may have managed to set an example. The aim here is to show that both fans and players are more versatile than ever in the 21st century... And that this is a phenomenon that is perfectly legitimate.

A look at the football landscape....

Anyone who looked at the classic image of a footballer in the 1970s saw this as a heterosexual man. But times have changed. Not only with regard to the sexual orientation of the players has this popular sport become more diverse. Today, a team usually consists of people of different religions and skin colours and not necessarily heterosexual.

The DFB's current campaign wants to enlighten people here and show many people who (unfortunately) still only have the image of the above-mentioned typical footballer of the 1970s in their minds that modern football is a multifaceted and - in the truest sense of the word - colourful construct.

The message behind the campaign is largely based on the very messages that the German Football Association has been advocating for decades. In the past, too, the DFB promoted tolerance, among other things. While in the beginning the focus was on the positive relationship to other nationalities, the current campaigns now concentrate on diversity in general.

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The DFB sets an example for diversity with a new campaign.

Discrimination - unfortunately still an issue

Even though the DFB has in the past repeatedly and unmistakably Position against exclusions of various kinds, it cannot (unfortunately) be denied that incidents still occur.

Players are still insulted from the sidelines, humiliated on social media and/or otherwise discriminated against because of their skin colour, sexual orientation or religion.

The DFB's latest campaign on this topic is entitled "Bund für Vielfalt" (Alliance for Diversity) and shows that the German Football Association is by no means turning a blind eye to this issue. Together with the agency Raphael Brinkert a concept was created that shows how versatile versatility can be.

Accordingly, it is to be hoped that the message will not fizzle out as "one among many", but instead help to facilitate thinking outside the box.

How tolerant is football?

Admittedly: Anyone who doesn't look into the subject a little more deeply might actually wonder why a campaign like "Bund für Vielfalt" is still necessary in the 21st century. After all, most teams in the league are made up of the most diverse nationalities and personalities and are frenetically cheered by their fans, aren't they?

Unfortunately, waving flags, a rousing atmosphere and the support of the individual teams by their supporters sometimes make people forget that racism and intolerance still exist today - especially in football. Therefore, it is all the more important to make a statement with regular actions and thus distance oneself from xenophobia, homophobia and everything that destroys the positive attitude to life of sport.


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