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Died at the age of 56: Who was Mike Shiva?

Mike Shiva has died at the age of 56

Anyone who was interested in esotericism and fortune-telling probably knew him: Mike Shiva. The Swiss psychic has died at the age of 56. According to media reports, he suffered from a serious illness.

However, Mike Shiva not only predicted the future for his callers and inspectors, but also ventured into TV. Unforgettable, for example, was his participation in "Celebrity Big Brother", in the context of which he certainly managed to get the general public to look a little more into the supernatural, the spirit and divination.

Colourful and cheerful: that was Mike Shiva

Mike Shiva was one of those people who are obviously surrounded by a very special aura. He was usually dressed in particularly colourful clothes and fell accordingly, but without imposing himself.

Always with him: his headscarf, which he also wore in the "Promi Big Brother" container. However, Mike Shiva did not really need a recognition factor like this. He was the best-known face of the Swiss TV psychic.Scene and was considered a cult by many during his lifetime.

Shiva's interest in spiritual life and the supernatural developed over time. He opened his own practice dealing with esoteric life counselling and at some point ventured into the media.

The time in the "Celebrity Big Brother" container, he repeatedly described it as a great challenge, which also challenged his spirituality. How strong this character was despite the circumstances in the "TV Jail"This was shown, among other things, by the fact that Shiva never lost his nerve here either and instead was always regarded as the calm pole.

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He did not seem to take too much to heart even the negative criticism that many clairvoyants now receive. Convinced of himself in a healthy way, he did not feel himself to be the "Fraudsters" that some people thought he was because of his esoteric professional career. Instead, he emphasised time and again, among other things, that his task was to give people something positive with the help of his abilities.

The deep belief in one's own abilities

Mike Shiva knew what he could do and was convinced that he could really tell fortunes. However, he did not appear lurid or even like a know-it-all who wanted to teach his environment his view of life.

However, anyone who asked him about his spiritual gifts, for example in interviews, was informed, among other things, that Shiva had realised early on that he would possess special abilities. He did not want to use them for himself alone, but also to share them with those around him.

And: Mike Shiva was gay. He did not have many fixed relationships. Instead, he could enjoy being alone even over a period of several years. When he did commit, it seemed as if the corresponding step had actually been considered carefully.

At the same time, he emphasised especially with "Celebrity Big Brother" that he was not very interested in women or men (at that time). He was not able to say definitively whether this was a permanent attitude or not. He did not seem to be 100 % averse to a new relationship.

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Now the Swiss cult psychic has died at the age of 56. However, he definitely lives on in the hearts of his followers... And certainly still provides a positive attitude towards life.


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