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These gay tattoos are trendy in 2021

These are the most popular gay tattoo trends for 2021

The Tattoo art can now look back on a long history. Motifs, Colours and Co. have developed continuously and are convincing today - provided the Images, Gay tattoo and Lettering by an experienced, competent Artist stitched - among other things, through incredible precision.

More and more often Tattoos also used to further emphasise the individual character of the wearer. Depending on the size, it is thus possible to stand out from society in an artistic way and make a statement.

It is therefore not surprising that there is also a lot of interest around the gay Scene always develop new trends. But how is it actually possible to create a - colourful or black/ white - Make a statement on your skin?

The following Tattoos are fully in line with the trend in 2021 - of course only when the Tattoo studios be allowed to reopen after the lockdown.

Tattoo trend no. 1: the rainbow

Tattoo Trend No. 1 the Rainbow

It is THE classic of the LGBTQ Scene: the Rainbow. In 2021, however, it will not "just like that", but incorporated into different motifs. For example, the characteristic colours can be used in various Fonts or in Puzzle pieces, Animals etc. to the fore come. For an optimal recognition effect, care should of course also be taken that the Shades be arranged in the original order.

Tattoo trend no. 2: the equal sign

Tattoo trend no. 2 the equal sign

The mathematical Equals sign stands - who would have thought it - for the fact that all people are equal. This is an important message that is also repeatedly spread by the LGBTQ scene, among others.

The said Equals sign is a wonderful way to convey exactly this message - in a minimalist, yet meaningful way.

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Tattoo Trend No. 3: Sayings

Tattoo Trend No. 3 Sayings

It has never been easier to be a gay Tattoo statement than today. The choice of Sayingsfrom the LGBTQ community, among others, is so great that it is sometimes difficult to decide. In 2021, the trend is moving in a very special direction. More than ever, it's about saying a lot with as few words as possible.

Especially popular are sayings like "Love is Love" or "Not a Mistake". Even individual words, such as "free" or "pride", are great to be worn proudly on wrists and co.

Tattoo Trend No. 4: Animals
Tattoo Trend No. 4 Animals

There are many different Specieswho live in homosexual partnerships. One of the best known examples of this is certainly the Penguin. So how about a Penguin Couple Gay Tattoo?

Even if the actual meaning of the Tattoos requires a little background knowledge, this is a great alternative to other LGBTQ tattoos.

Tattoo trend no. 5: the partner's name and other individual details
Tattoo trend no. 5 the name of the partner and other individual details

Granted: this is a Tattoo trend for very brave people. Nevertheless, such personal Tattoos revival, after they had been used for a long period of time - also in many renowned Tattoo studios - have eked out a rather stepmotherly existence.

There are many ways to get your love for your partner under your skin. Those who do not feel like Names of the loved one can, among other things, also decide to Coordinates of the place of the first encounter or similar. Many tattoo artists also offer the engraving of realistic Portraits on. In short: the love for one's partner can be expressed in many different ways.

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Tattoo trend no. 6: the semicolon
Tattoo trend no. 6: the semicolon

The Semicolon is super suitable for all gays who, among other things, want to express that it is worth fighting for one's love and standing by oneself. The interpretations that revolve around this Symbol are multifaceted.

Particularly widespread, however, is the idea that the mix of comma and Item indicates that the person could have stopped at some point in their life, but - against all odds - continued. This is accordingly also a Tattoo, which is for a rather complicated Coming Out can stand.



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