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Fame Maker launches with Lady Gaga song and important statement

Fame Maker launches with Lady Gaga song and important statement

ProSieben has launched a new show in the middle of Corona time. The whole thing is a little reminiscent of a classic casting show, were it not for the fact that the coaches, Carolin Kebekus, Luke Mockridge and Comedian TeddyYou will not hear the voices of the participants, but only see the performances.

Based on this alone, they must decide whether to accept the respective "Singer" or the respective "Singer" would like to have in their team.

That this can also lead to one or two surprises was impressively proven yesterday during the course of the show. What definitely did not go down, however, was an important statement at the beginning of the show, which was made right away by the first participant.

"Born this Way" - everyone is who they are

When the dome of the Fame Make stage was still closed, the audience and coaches saw a slightly overweight man performing together with two background girls. The movements already showed: yes, he seems to know what he is doing.

Then, as the dome rose, the first sounds of "Born this Way". The title was not chosen by chance. The story around this song and why he chose this song in particular is what the participant from Düsseldorf, who is now in Teddy's Team landed, only "in the final" tell. Ambitious.

However, he has already revealed a little in his introduction video. It is important to him to "Body Positivity"to his fellow human beings. And indeed: Candidate No. 1 radiated a healthy portion of this.

On the fifth anniversary of David Bowie's death 🎵

That Fame Maker The fact that the festival opened with such an anthem may have been chosen by chance. However, the probability that precisely this song struck at the heart of many viewers is nevertheless high.

How else was Fame Maker received?

"Born this Way" also seemed to be a little bit the motto of the first episode. Because: under the dome, real birds of paradise appeared again and again, who impressed either with their performance, their voice or both. Freely according to the motto "That would be too good to be true!"The coaches decided here and there not to press the button and thus let real singing talents slip through their fingers.

Especially comedian Teddy seemed to have a rather mediocre nose when it came to "can sing" from "cannot sing" to distinguish.

The opinions on Fame Maker in the social networks diverged. While some were happy about the mix of Comedy and Song the show was described by others as a "boring" classified.

One thing is certain: the new Raab plant (the ex-TV-Total presenter sits in the control room, according to the channel... "And eats chips".), it is a format that is talked about. The concept is indeed unique. Now it is up to the viewer to decide how diversified he thinks it is to judge people in the first step in complete silence and exclusively by their performance.

And Tom Neuwirth?

Another highlight for the Queer Scene: Tom Neuwirth aka Conchita Sausage moderates the new format Fame Makerbut without putting themselves too much in the foreground. Instead, much of the leadership is provided by the three Coaches taken over. Neuwirth acts here as a sympathetic "Side Kick", interviews the participants after their performances and comments here and there on their performance.

Lithuania suddenly stands up for the LGBTQ community

It remains to be seen whether the high ratings of the first episode can be maintained in the coming weeks. A foundation for this seems to have been laid on Friday evening.



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