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In the stadium: Coach Landon Donovan reacts to homophobia

When homosexuality and football collide, it unfortunately becomes apparent time and again how difficult it seems to be for many people to show tolerance towards others in the way that Landon Donovan. However, the fact that a confrontation can be carried out publicly and not only become an issue for many via anonymous insults on the internet is proven by the latest incident from the second division of the US national league.

At the centre of the action here was, among others, coach Landon Donovanwho called his assembled team into the dressing room during the first half... And this despite the fact that his own team was actually leading.

What happened in Landon Donovan's team?

Spectators and opponents did not look bad when the team of the San Diego Loyals went into the dressing room before the whistle blew for the first half. The reason: a player of the team (Collin Martin) had been attacked in a homophobic way by the opponent. Especially frightening in this context: neither the coach of the opposing team nor the referee of the match reacted!

Thus saw itself Landon Donovan obviously forced himself to act.

Who is Collin Martin, anyway?

Collin Martin, Players of the San Diego Loyals, is gay. This is no secret. He is one of the footballers who publicly admitted his homosexuality some time ago and thus set an example. Especially in football, it is often very difficult for those affected to come out.

After Martin had told his coach about the homophobic insult, everything happened comparatively quickly. After neither the coach of the opposing team nor the referee had reacted, the Landon Donovan the game on their own initiative.

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The player of the opposing team also reacts

Since there are currently (still?) no direct witnesses who have officially commented on the incident, it is currently a case of testimony against testimony. Because: also Junior Flemmings from Phoenix Rising, which is from Collin Martin accused of homophobic insults, has since been convicted of over twitter reacted and explained that such an insult had not taken place.

He had been attacked and insulted on the internet and on social networks, but had not had the opportunity to defend himself.

Now - as so often - there are many questions. On the one hand, it is necessary to clarify what Flemmings exactly within the framework of said Martin On the other hand, there is also the question of the possible consequences of the independent abandonment of the match. Because: here, among other things, even legal steps would be possible.

However, in order to be able to proceed fairly and transparently here, said Landon DonovanIt is imperative that the incident is investigated in detail. At this point in time, the team of San Diego at least not as winners. Instead, the team can Phoenix Rising more points on their game account.

However, should it turn out to be true that Collin Martin was subjected to homophobic insults during the match, this would be further, sad proof that although sport has always stood up against racism and homophobia, the prejudices and barriers are still present in the minds of (also young) people.

The mere fact that - not only in football - a publicly lived homosexuality is seen as a target for insults shows that a large part of society still has a long way to go in this respect.

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