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Attention! Spoilers! Shady B*****s and true love: Prince Charming seeks his prince charming

Attention! Spoilers! - Conclusion to episode 1 of - Prince Charming

Only a few months after the first season of "Prince Charming"The second season has now started streaming on TVnow (VÖ: 26.10.2020 VOX). On the Greek island of Crete Alexander Schäfer from Frankfurt am Main, from a total of 20 men to find the man of his dreams. He seems rather down-to-earth and is looking for someone with whom he can grow old. The coming weeks will show whether he succeeds in doing just that. One thing is certain: after the first episode of "Prince Charming" showed that it could become quite exciting.

Attention. Our column refers to the first episode of the TVnow broadcast. Those who want to watch Prince Charming on VOX (from 26.10.2020) might be spoiled here!

Prince Charming - a brief overview of the candidates

As is usual in most dating formats, the first episode offered an overview of the candidates vying for the heart of the main character. After getting to know the first men, it was already clear: this mix is extremely colourful and correspondingly interesting.

From the Bird of Paradise David to the rather inexperienced (and sympathetic) Arne there's just about everything that makes the hearts of the Prince Charming fans' hearts beat faster.

Among other things, nurse stabs here Florian between personal trainers and make-up artists. Tattooed from head to toe (apart from his face), he is an absolute eye-catcher visually. His social vein is also noticeable from minute one. But the other candidates also prove to be particularly recognisable through their style and character. Particularly noteworthy here are, among others Gino, the professed Drag Queen, Davidwho feels better with make-up than without and Benedetto, the self-proclaimed "It-Boy".

Attention! Spoilers! - Conclusion to episode 2 of - Prince Charming

Episode 1 offers a mix of getting to know each other, laughter and bitching

Said "it boy" already caused the first unrest in the villa in the first episode. Thus revealed Benedettothat he was not only interested in the possible love for Prince Charming decided to take part. Rather, he hopes that his participation will also increase his reach on the net. Davidwho had contact with him via Instagram, is rather of the opinion, Benedetto is only there because he wants to turn his fake followers into real followers. He already threatened to drop the bombshell if he noticed that Benedetto I was playing a false game.

In general, it is noticeable that many of the men seem to know each other - albeit around a few corners. Thus had Bastian, the sunshine of the troupe, was already doing something with a friend from Andrea.

Prince Charming offers much for the eye

During the "Styling Wars" of the candidates, the viewers could get their fill of well-built male bodies and marvel again and again at how perfectly an outfit can fit. For many, certainly also a special highlight: the first Penis Speed camera in the shower.

After the individual candidates had been introduced, it was finally time to meet the man whose heart was to be conquered: Alexander Schäfer. The candidates did not have much time, because in the first episode the illustrious troupe already had to 19 man be reduced. Leon was not presented with a tie at the end and had to leave the show. Maybe his very permissive views played a role here?!

After all, the current Prince Charming - as already mentioned above - arrive.

Nicolas Puschmann speaks out for the first time after love affair
Conclusion on episode 1

The first episode of the second season of Prince Charming makes you want more and suggests that arguments, bitchiness and a little drama are not long in coming.

And one thing is already clear: the mixture of the different characters should ensure that it will definitely - in whatever respect - not be boring.

Attention! Spoilers! - Conclusion to episode 1 of - Prince Charming



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