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Homophobic prejudice - what is actually "anti-gay"?

What are the most widespread prejudices against gay people?

Unfortunately, many people still cannot understand why gays react so hurt to comments and public hostility. Surely almost every gay man has been confronted with "Don't be like that!" or "You can exaggerate everything!

But - no! Homophobia is not okay or even funny. And it often starts in areas that are perceived as "not bad" by those who are not affected.

It is not only homophobic to bash gay men (or other queers). Sayings can also be extremely hurtful. We have identified the most common prejudices around the gayScene and at the same time would like to provide arguments on how to counter the corresponding statements.

One thing is certain: Those who feel attacked by sentences of this kind are not "oversensitive", but merely aware that a lot still has to change before complete equality is achieved.

Prejudice No. 1: Gays want to be women

Admittedly: There are certainly homo couples in which one appears more feminine than the other. However, this does not mean that this part necessarily wants to be a woman. If that were the case, he would certainly have all the possibilities - based on the advances of modern medicine.

No, not all gay men want to be women. On the contrary! Many love being a man and sleeping AS a man WITH a man.

Prejudice No. 2: No gay man is faithful

A look at the statistics shows that this is an absolute prejudice. Because: there are millions of gays in the world for whom fidelity in a relationship is particularly important. Among both gays and straights, there are of course men who would rather sow their famous oats than monogamous to live.

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However, this fact has nothing to do with their sexual orientation, but rather with their individual character. Many gays would like to arrive at some point, get married and possibly have a small "Rainbow family" found.

Prejudice No. 3: If everyone were gay, humanity would die out

Yeah, okay. If there really were no more heterosexual couples in the world, humanity would die out. But let's be honest: how high is the probability? The assumption that homosexuals would ruin creation can therefore - quite calmly - be shelved.

Prejudice No. 4: Gays can't play football

... but the number of homosexual footballers who have come out over time is quite high. A look at the media shows that gay athletes are definitely no longer a rarity and that more and more are managing to take the step into the public eye and admit their sexual orientation.

Their performance on the pitch is of course not diminished by the fact that they return home to their partner after the final whistle.

Prejudice No. 5: Gays are perverts

About the term: "perverted" means something like "abnormal". And no: gays are of course not "weird", "unnatural" or even "deviant". Unfortunately, however, the word "perverse" is a term that is widely used within the homophobic scene.

Those who have such an entrenched opinion on same-sex partnerships usually cannot be changed. Arguments are no more helpful here than the offer of an open discussion.

As capitulating as it may sound: sometimes it is easiest to rely on a mix of enlightenment and acceptance. Those who can accept that some people can seem to be bothered by the happiness of others, but do not let this get to them, and at the same time rejoice in all those who appreciate love in numerous facets, usually live more relaxed lives.

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