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Queer anthem: Conchita Wurst & Ricky Merino cover Bronski Beat classic Smalltown Boy

Conchita Wurst covers together with Ricky Merino

Anyone who wants to further the career of Conchita Sausage in the last few months knows that Tom Neuwirth has managed to prove his versatility time and again, especially in the recent past. Whether as a presenter or as a singer, the Austrian has proven time and again that he should not be underestimated in any field.

The latest "baby" is a cover of "Smalltown". Boy"which he released together with Ricky Merino. So this time the Austrian ventures into an already existing song.

The mood to the song also becomes a little more sombre and thoughtful.

Who is the Smalltown Boy?

Many gays who live in a small town are likely to know the feeling of not feeling like they belong. Accordingly, coming out often poses great challenges here in particular. As a rule, the residents of larger cities are considered more open and tolerant towards the LGBTQ Community.

It is precisely this feeling of wanting to stand up for oneself, but knowing that this is exactly what is not accepted by the community in "Smalltown", that is the theme of "Smalltown Boy".

The action of the song was transported to a train station. It is storming and raining. In the middle of the shot is a young man who has obviously decided to turn his back on his homeland.

At the same time - as astonishing as it may sound - this exact Scene but also a little hope. Because: the Smalltown Boy leaves home, but at the same time has big plans for the future. Because: he doesn't only want to find himself, but also to go in search of love for life (or for one night?).

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It is precisely this ambivalence that ultimately makes "Smalltown Boy" a very special message. A work that may not invite you to dance, but to hope and understanding - regardless of whether you belong to the LGBTQ community or not.

A well-known problem - not only for young queers

The likelihood that many queers can identify with the story of the main character in the song for "Smalltown Boy" is high. It describes the effects of intolerance and hatred, which unfortunately many people are still confronted with nowadays.

The protagonist has been rejected not only by the people in the village, but also by his own family. And despite a seemingly - at this point - hopeless situation at the train station, in which the "Boy" has nothing left but the contents in his suitcase, the song comes across as a message that says one thing above all: "You are not alone!

Musically, too, the work, which incidentally was originally by Bronski Beat, knows how to captivate. The melody quickly sticks in the ear. At the same time, the video for the song does not distract from the action.

Although - despite the dark, sad story - bright colours are used here, it is not difficult to stay with the text and not get distracted.

Who were Bronski Beat, anyway?

With the cover of "Smalltown Boy", Wurst and Merino dare to tackle a real classic of the 1980s.

Because it was precisely this song that brought Bronski Beat their first chart success. Especially in England, the song quickly became a hit. The LGBTQ community used the song again and again, for example to play it as part of campaigns.

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It remains to be seen how successful the cover will be. However, it is already clear that the two artists have managed to approach a particularly traditional song in a respectful way and at the same time put their own stamp on it.



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