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Provocative as ever: Désirée Nick with Throwback Photo

Désirée Nick provokes with new Instagram post

Désirée Nick published on its Instagram page recently posted a particularly provocative photo and lived up to her reputation. Whether she expected such a reaction from her fans is unclear. The fact is that the picture in question made waves and did not go down well with everyone.

But what had actually happened? And how can a picture be capable of heating up people's minds in such a way?

Latest post with scandal pose

Désirée Nick is known above all for her sharp tongue. However, when it comes to scandal and provocation, she is obviously no match for anyone else. Her outspoken manner has become her trademark.

In her latest post, she shows a photo from 2004, when she was 48 years old. With Mini dress, Sunglasses and High Heels dressed, she poses with legs apart and lascivious look.

The caption: "In 2004, even Paris Hilton could have taken lessons from me!".

What these tutoring sessions would have looked like is left to the imagination. However, it is precisely this room for manoeuvre that is now encouraging many users to voice their opinions.

Désirée Nick provokes with new Instagram post

Positive and negative comments for the photo

Shortly after publication, it became apparent that the Nick fans are divided about the picture.

On the one hand, the Diva I'm overwhelmed with positive feedback. It's hailing hearts, Fire emojis and comments like "Cool!" under said picture. On the other hand, there is also a lot of criticism.

Pictures like this are not her level and the photo is not particularly appealing either. In response to a comment saying that a classy woman does not need something like this, another replies that this photo contradicts the values that she has always made the "Topic Woman" would represent themselves.

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And indeed, the question arises as to how "stark and emancipated" to such a provocative party girl. Even many fans cannot understand this contrast.

Regarding the negative comments Désirée Nick has not yet commented. However, those who regularly follow her social media activities should already be awaiting the response of the Diva be curious. In many cases, reactions - mostly in the form of CAPITAL LETTERS - are not long in coming, especially on Facebook.

Désirée Nick provokes with new Instagram post

Lady or slut? Which is it?

This question would like to "La Nick" obviously cannot answer themselves. The "Germany's sharpest tongue" often moves between the "Upper Class" and party or semi-nude pictures. In numerous interviews she has also often emphasised "to be able to do both".

Many of her fans - among others also from the LGBTQ Scene - appreciate precisely these wall-charging capabilities. On the other hand Désirée Nick This makes them a little untrustworthy for many of their supporters.

One thing is certain: whether she uses filters, presents herself half-naked or in her magnificent home - she has a "healthy self-confidence". Only she herself knows exactly how much of this is an act. And maybe that is exactly what makes this person so fascinating!

After all, it is always thought-provoking to ask oneself how carelessly (or not) other people deal with themselves, life and growing older.


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