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The jungle show is considered a big flop compared to the jungle camp

Jungle show does not go down well with everyone

2021 is (as already 2020) many things are different. Among other things, there is no "real Jungle Camp" in Australia instead. Instead, this year's Candidates, which is about a Ticket for 2022 fight, in Hürth the corresponding Jungle Trials.

They do not live in the Australian bushbut in a Tiny House. Divided into Small group with each three persons is about Cigarette rations, Catfight and Glory and Honour.

The Concept, which is behind this year's Jungle Show, in which, by the way, also Sam Dylan However, it does not seem to be the case for all the Viewers to arrive well. Especially in the social networks is always Criticism loud.

Jungle show instead of jungle camp - what's different?

In comparison between Jungle Show and Jungle Camp several differences stand out. For example, it is particularly characteristic that the Candidates not simultaneous "let loose on each other". The mentioned Groups of three ensure - with a few exceptions - that not really Fuel may arise. Bitching do exist.

These drew in the "real Jungle Camp"but clearly wider circles. After all, there was always someone nearby here with whom gossiped could be - mostly at the famous Pond with Waterfall.

In addition, the Action- resp. Controversial factor at Tiny House rather low. Instead of conversations at the Campfirewhere it is always so wonderful dirty laundry could be washed, excerpts from old Jungle shows and Interviews with Ex-campers provide the necessary variety.

The Spectators are divided on whether that is exactly what works. While some love to see the various flashbacks, among others with Dirk Bachothers feel bored, as "old contents" would be presented.

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Jungle show does not go down well with everyone

Who will get the ticket for the jungle camp 2022?

From the partly negative Criticism the Spectators get the Jungle Show Participants probably nothing with them. After all, before they move into the Tiny House a multi-day Quarantine get through.

The fact that during this time of Contact to the outside world - also via the Mobile phone - banned would not be new. Therefore, even in the year 2021 - Despite the innovations - a mix of Humour and good Nervesin order to be able to Audience to score points.

A Participantwhich may have few Spectators has already managed to cast a spell over many people with her special way of doing things: Lydia. At the latest since her confession of love in the direction of Dr Bob was clear: yes, she wears her heart on her sleeve. (Unfortunately she is already on 27.02.2021 eliminated).

Jungle show does not go down well with everyone

Julian F. M. Stoeckel chats about the jungle show in the Clubhouse

In the "Clubhouse" chats Julian F.M. Stoeckel about exactly what had previously been Jungle Show has happened. Its Fans celebrate him for it. Already in the framework of the first Charisma it became clear that this was not an ordinary Talkbut about Pure fun acts.

The lively Designer holds its Fans parallel to this, among other things, on Instagram and Facebook up to date and posts also the one or other Backstage image. He himself also took part in the "real" Jungle Camp and therefore knows what he is talking about.

Whether the RTL station now at his "Few candidates in a small space" remains or whether there is still a Surprise on the Spectators remains open.

Nina Queer is on the 2021 jungle show

What is certain is that the Jungle Show especially the die-hard Jungle Camp fans could help to avoid winter without "Australian bush" to survive. However, if in the year 2022 should once again be possible to travel and make elaborate Productions how the Jungle Camp to realise, the Trash TV at the thought that the Original is back, probably also breathe a little easier.


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