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French stands fure for "oral sex" - among both gays and straights.

Sex "on France" to hmeans either to have a Blowjob or to have his partner lick. Accordingly, this is not a classical term of gay Scene. Oral Today, sex is standard for many - even within a relationship.

However, whether then until the Orgasm The choice of whether to blow or end with a cum shot depends on the individual preferences of the participants.

Interestingly, it is not completely proven why the connection between "French" and oral sex was originally made. In the past, the term "French" was used to mean only the French kiss. In the course of time, however, the meaning changed more and more. Today, whoever speaks of the French variant in connection with sex, almost always means the Bubbles or the licking.

If you want to make the technique particularly varied, you can of course try out different positions. You don't always have to kneel in front of your partner during French... even though many people consider this position to be especially horny feel because they can direct the partner's head a little. To satisfy each other as much as possible at the same time (and maybe even together to come), the 69 is particularly suitable Position. Here both can spoil each other French.

By the way, linking sex practices with countries is not uncommon. While French stands for techniques with the tongue, "Greek"Anal sex. This designation could above all therefore comeThe Greeks in antiquity were comparatively open about this, as can be seen from various works of art.