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Nille" is a colloquial term for penis.

The term "Nille" refers to the Penis is what is meant. This is a rather vulgar expression that is usually not used on the first date, but all the more so on the second. Dirty Talking for use come can. Even in relevant sex chats, there is often talk of the nilla. If you don't feel like classics like "Tail" simply speaks alternatively of the nilla.

The size of the nilla plays an important role for many gays (and of course also for many Straight women) play an important role. Nevertheless, even a large nilla is of course no guarantee of being able to become a Orgasm to come. On the contrary! Sometimes it's the men with a medium to small cock who try all the harder and give their partners passionate hours with it.

In connection with the famous Dick Pics, the general appearance of the nilla naturally also plays an important role. Details with regard to the diameter, length and shape can be quite decisive here when it comes to meeting for a date or not. Many gays are particularly turned on by getting a little horny in advance with the corresponding pictures.

With regard to the topic "Safer Sex"However, neither men with a large nor men with a small penis need to worry about this. Because: nowadays, condoms are available for just about all nilla sizes. The "Sorry, my nipple is too big to fit in a Rubber The "being squeezed!" excuse no longer counts.