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Gay Cam in times of Corona - with these tips flirting becomes a pleasure

Corona not only has many workers, but also many gay Cam Users tied to their desks. Going out, dating and flirt? Currently unthinkable! However, this does not mean that you have to do without erotic fun, great conversations and gay cam. Because: the internet still offers the wonderful possibility of chats. Who would have thought that the virtual entertainment tactics of the 1990s would once again celebrate such a revival?

To ensure that nothing stands in the way of a cam chat in front of the computer at home, gay men should follow a few tips. Especially when chatting with (still?) strangers, it becomes clear that looks are not the only thing that counts. Wit and spontaneity can also do no harm when it comes to standing out from the crowd of fellow chatters.

The right gay cam programme

If you are looking for gays from your neighbourhood, you should of course also look in the right places. Because: many chat rooms are known to be explicitly aimed mainly at heterosexuals. The search for Mr. Right is often comparatively difficult here. It makes much more sense, with the aim of finding a gay love, to look at relevant platforms such as, to fall back on. Here, users can expect a colourful portfolio of possibilities that go far beyond the classic cam chat.

Depending on your personal interest, it may also be worth taking a look at the gay cam or the gay porn. In short: If you are still waiting for a suitable partner in the chat, you can pass the time with other offers.

3, 2,1: Gay Cam

No question: Gay chats are of course especially fun with a suitable webcam. However, so that nothing stands in the way of a positive impression, it is important not only to present oneself authentically and well-groomed, but also to take a look at the immediate surroundings. After all, the webcam captures not only the person chatting, but also - to a certain extent - their surroundings.

We have 3 great book ideas for you

Disorder in the background, an unmade bed or pizza boxes can quickly - especially in the gay - become a problem.Scene - act as a deterrent.

The search for the right words in front of the gay cam

Which words should be chosen is, of course, essentially dependent on the goal of the respective chat. But regardless of whether it's just about making new contacts or finding a partner for an upcoming One Night Stand (after the Corona Crisis, of course): honest, polite interaction should always form the basis for the respective conversation.

As a basic rule, insults or the like are not allowed in a Gay chat completely out of place. If it becomes clear in the course of the conversation that the person you are talking to is not the man of your dreams, it is important to remain honest so as not to waste valuable time for yourself and the other person.

When is the right time for a Real Treff?
If you want to get to know your chat partner, sooner or later you will arrange a real date. Despite all the enthusiasm that may certainly prevail, it is important to proceed with a little caution.

The first meetings with strangers should always take place in public places. This not only creates a good basis for in-depth conversations, but also provides a small safety net that can prevent any nasty surprises. Of course, there is nothing to be said against passing the time until the first meeting with long phone calls.


Horst63 5. April 2020 um 12:35

Great contribution - I know what I can do right away.


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waOo Amazing Boddyy


Gerd 6. April 2020 um 10:59

horny always to be found under #planet-randy


harrald 12. April 2020 um 19:28

I just had fun there 😀 but I'd rather be real now.


RubberMichi 20. April 2020 um 19:47

horny boys in front of the cam. Thanks for the tip


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