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From Spouses to Best Friends: Fran Drescher's Ex-Husband is Gay

Fran Drescher and her ex Peter Marc Jacobson

The two are among the people who prove how intense friendships between gays and straights can be. Especially exciting: both were a couple, even married.

Fran Drescher (better known as "The Nanny") and her ex Peter Marc Jacobson are now certainly what you could call "soulmates". In photos they look extremely familiar. So familiar, in fact, that many couples who have been at loggerheads could certainly become envious.

Their joint baby: "The Nanny". One of the best-known sitcoms, in which Peter himself also made one or two guest appearances (once even as a gay actor).

Terrible strokes of fate have welded Fran and Peter together

Anyone who follows Fran and Peter on their social media channels knows that it seems as if the two lead a picture-book life. They send greetings from beaches, walks, with and without dogs and just always seem happy.

However, reading the actress' biography reveals that this was not always the case. Fran was diagnosed with cancer during the filming of "The Nanny". Another stroke of fate after the actress was raped in front of her (then still) husband.

The marriage broke up... and a wonderful friendship developed that is said to last until today.

No bad blood - the end after 21 years of marriage

While Fran Fine kept having problems finding the man of her life until almost the end, Fran Drescher was married to her Peter for more than 20 years, followed by divorce in 1999.

From here on - or so it seems - the relationship is taken to a new level. Anyone who thinks of flying dishes and shouting will soon be disabused, at least in the long run.

GNTM - a "somewhat different" final in times of Corona

So both look back on their time together with an incredible amount of love. Interviews show time and again how much true friendship can endure. In the meantime, they both call themselves best friends and have already set up several business projects together after "The Nanny".

Gay scenes in "The Nanny" - a sitcom as a pioneer?!

Gays were already playing before Peter's Coming Out played an important role in "The Nanny". Sometimes portrayed a little exaggeratedly, there were always characters who gave the plot a very special charm in individual episodes.

Be it Fran's date who knew who "sat next to Madonna at the Oscars in 1989" or Fran's gay landlord who celebrated a marriage anniversary together with his sweetheart. Always funny, but never rude or disrespectful, gays (lesbians too) were here in Scene set. The roles remained authentic and blended harmoniously into the overall concept without seeming "over the top".

Frans and Peter's latest coup: "The Nanny" in the Table Read Edition

To help their fans pass the time in Corona, the cast around Fran and Peter recently "met" on the net for a very special reunion. All (!) original actors from the first episode read their lines again.

The result could be marvelled at on Youtube and was clicked on several times just a few hours after publication. Certainly, all this would work in a much less relaxed way if a quarrelling couple were facing each other here.

It almost seems as if Fran and Peter have managed to keep the "nanny family" together because of their special connection to each other.

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