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Summer house of the stars - will a gay couple be moving in?

Summer House of the Stars

In 2020 everything seems to be a little "different". The "Summer House of the Stars" is no exception. An exclusive report in the Bild newspaper recently revealed that the spectacle will take place in Germany this year. In previous years it was always filmed in Portugal.

The rumours about the couples who are (supposedly) going to be in the game this time are not going away either. RTL is still keeping a low profile. As with the Dschungelcamp, the names will certainly only be published shortly beforehand.

However, this is also an excellent breeding ground for speculation. In the last few days, a number of names have been circulating in the press that may already be known from similar formats. In addition, the likelihood increases that this time a gay couple might actually be involved.

Nicolas Puschmann? Rafi Rachek?

These are two names that have become particularly common in the tabloids. While Nicolas Puschmann as the first German gay bachelor to seek (and find) his fortune, Rafi had his Coming Out in front of millions of viewers on "Bachelor in Paradise". Interestingly, his sweetheart was one of the contestants on "Prince Charming".

However, the probability that both gay couples will move into the summer house of the stars is certainly rather low. A gay couple could also help to make a statement.

Whether anyone at all, or whoever Scene However, it is still unclear who will ultimately be represented in the evening programme.

Other possible candidates - who will move into the summer house?

One thing is certain: if even 50% of the announced stars move into the summer house, the show is likely to turn into a real spectacle. Among others, names such as "Iris Klein" (mother of Daniela Katzenberger), "Melanie Müller" and "Carina Spack" keep coming up. The latter, however, has already denied her participation - according to current media reports.

"The Mole" - Is the Vice Mr. Gay Germany the Mole?

I wonder if after "Celebrities under Palm Trees" she didn't feel like exposing herself to the public's judgement again? Who knows.

The Summer House of the Stars as a relationship curse?

No question: the Summer House of the Stars can put the relationships of the participants to a tough test. Among others, this has already been experienced by Nico Tail and Saskia Atzerod, as well as Bert Wollersheim and his ex Bobby Anne Baker. Micaela Schäfer and her "little bear" as well as Danni and Jens Büchner also looked anything but harmonious at times under the Portuguese sun.

Those who decide to take part here and face the various challenges in the couple games should therefore already be very sure of their bond with each other. Participants are under pressure to win and at the same time face the special challenge of coming to terms with the other stars in the "villa". Here, a comparatively small living space meets partly completely different characters.

The audience, however, should be pleased. After all, there are usually lots of laughs and special dialogue waiting here.

So far, no official start date has been given by the broadcaster. However, if the tradition of the last few years is maintained, it should be in the summer again. Furthermore, viewers should again have the opportunity to watch missed episodes on TVnow.

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