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Also on the CSD weekend, city centres and CSD hot spots in Cologne were cleared.

Inner cities and CSD hot spots in Cologne evacuated

Opinions on the Corona pandemic are obviously still (or more than ever?) divided. There is no other way to explain the fact that some people are still largely in a self-imposed quarantine and others are meeting in crowded city centres.

For some time now, the cities in North Rhine-Westphalia in particular have begun to react to the enormous influx by having the hotspots cleared in case of too large a crowd.

Particularly media-effective examples of this came from Düsseldorf and Cologne, among others. In the city with the Dom the CSD would have taken place recently. Now - just in time for the date - many people gathered in the gay venues. The result: here, too, they were evacuated. Especially the clubs and facilities of the Schaafenstraße were emptied.

What drew people to the city?

It was probably a mix of the good weather and the aforementioned CSD weekend that ensured that even more people than usual made their way to the centre of Cologne.

The fact that the locations on the Schaafenstraße - The fact that the venues are full, especially at weekends and when the weather is comparatively good, is not uncommon. After all, the, queer Scene especially like it here. For many, going to the clubs and pubs on this particular street is almost a tradition.

Safety distances could not be maintained

A word that occurs in almost every second sentence in connection with the Corona crisis - whether CSD weekend or not - is "safe distance". This could - understandably - no longer be guaranteed with such a large gathering of people. The public order service reacted quickly and, together with the police, finally cleared the area.

Will Corona be followed by a coming out wave?

This was generally conducted in an orderly manner. The corresponding loudspeaker announcements were followed, so there were no major incidents.

Inner cities and CSD hot spots in Cologne evacuated

Opinions continue to diverge

While many people consider the Corona rules to be excessive, many side with the law enforcement agencies and approve of the corresponding regulations. Exactly this picture is also reflected in discussions that - after incidents like the one at the CSD weekend - are mainly conducted in the social networks.

This also shows the fear of many pub and restaurant owners. Because: the more dissatisfied the guests become due to the requirements, the higher the probability that they will eventually stay at home altogether.

A similar picture in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, too, has been making headlines in recent weeks with a slight increase in the number of Corona infections. Among other things, attempts are currently being made to deal with the problem on the Rhine stairs at Burgplatz.

This is exactly where tourists and locals often sit close together to watch the sunset or the passing ships. Mayor Geisel relies on posters, more education and clearly visible distance markings. Whether these will be followed remains to be seen.

In general, however, it can be assumed that neither the CSD weekend nor the fine weather alone were responsible for the eviction at the Schaafenstraße in Cologne were responsible. To a large extent, it is certainly also the simple desire for normality that is driving people back onto the streets.

However, it remains to be seen whether or when this will happen again. Of course, the special message of the CSD should not be forgotten.


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