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PBB 2020 - On the exit of Katy Bähm

Katy Bähm missed the Promi Big Brother final 

Now it is certain: Katy Bähm did not make it to represent the queer community in the final of Promi Big Brother 2020. The Drag Queen was eliminated in the semi-finals, together with Emmy Russ.

In the social networks, the opinion on the former "Queen of Drags" participant differ. While some celebrate the fact that Katy has managed to show her different facets, others find that her time in the fairytale forest/castle has turned her into a genuine Drama Queen has turned out to be.

One thing is certain: The last nominations were quite something... And the participants did not expect them in this form. After it had been decided that Katy Bähm had to give up the sails, there was another sifting out. This time Emmy was the one who suffered.

Katy Bähm polarises almost from the start

Katy Bähm showed many sides of herself on Promi Big Brother 2020. Even more than with "Queen of Drags", even the last TV viewer should now be aware that she is a person who can hardly mince her words.

If there was an argument, it seemed to be clear almost from the start that Katy also played a role. Unforgettable: the discussion with Michael Ballack's ex-wife Simone, in the context of which the word "Madame" in particular almost drove the former player's wife to white heat.

In contrast, the last days in the fairytale forest were almost conciliatory. Here and there differences were still discussed... But nothing really escalated intensively any more.

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Katy Bähm missed the Promi Big Brother final 

What did Katy's participation bring to the queer community?

Katy Bähm's participation in Promi Big Brother was welcomed by the queer community, among others. When were the chances better for the broader TV community to gain an insight into the Scene than now? Not always at "prime time" (Promi Big Brother often started at 10:15 p.m. after all), but nevertheless - at least felt - omnipresent, the Drag Queen sometimes with and sometimes without make-up and chatted openly about coming out, her experiences and about the fact that the path in search of one's own self can also be difficult.

Many people, including most of the participants in the format, were moved by this special kind of soul striptease. Only one person in the fairytale forest or fairytale castle seemed to be a little "immune" in this respect. Simone Ballack. The two did not seem to warm up to each other on different levels. The above-mentioned quarrel was certainly just the famous straw that broke the camel's back.

Katy Bähm missed the Promi Big Brother final 

How promising is Katy Bähm's reality TV career?

Queen of Drags" and "Promi Big Brother 2020" could actually be the starting signal for a colourful TV career for Katy Bähm. She would not be the first to manage to use her presence in a supposed trash TV format to show herself in other shows afterwards and to strive for a corresponding career.

Characters like Katy's are likely to be in high demand in other shows as well. After all, it often takes exactly this kind of polarisation not only to generate ratings, but also to broaden people's horizons a little.

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And no matter whether queer or not: through discussions, emotions and an "I won't be told anything! attitude, the drag queen has also managed to show outsiders that queer life is not all glitter and fun.

Multi-faceted reality TV has certainly rarely been more intense.


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