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Olivia Jones teases Helena Fürst

Olivia Jones teases Helena Fürst at the Reality Stars Festival

Olivia Jones Fans of cultivated trash TV come are currently getting their money's worth. Whether it's "Summer House of the Stars", "Promiboxes" or the "Festival of the Reality Stars"... Currently, no one has to do without this special kind of TV entertainment.

Above all, the events surrounding the "Festival of the Reality Stars" have managed to be quoted again and again in the media in recent days. After Ballermann Start and Big Brother veteran Jürgen Milski had taken the title in the first episode, episode 2 featured, amongst others Helena Prince and Ennesto Monté against each other. Die-hard trash TV fans know: the two used to be a couple. Accordingly, it is self-explanatory how much explosive is in the air here.

Olivia Jones addresses Helene Fürst about her ex

In an interview that has meanwhile been picked up by some media, moderator Olivia Jones among the people of her candidates and has apparently set out to "squeeze" them a little in smaller interviews.

Her first interlocutor is the "Advocate for the poor", Helena Prince. That the dear Olivia is quick-witted and obviously has no problem putting her finger in the wound, she already proved a few years ago when - also armed with a microphone - she crashed the NPD party conference.

As Jones Prince but then asks if her ex is good at riding, the fun is over for her. The "poor woman's lawyer" barks at the - somewhat stunned - ex. Drag Queen an. She simply repeats her question again. She still does not get an answer. Instead: certainly a little (or a little more?) incomprehension on both sides.

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But Olivia Jones would not be Olivia Jonesif she did not keep her nerve and remain professional at the same time. The second episode of the "Festival of the Reality Stars"was once again dominated by good humour. Above all, the spectators must have had a lot to laugh about in the fight for the title.

Helena Fürst and Ennesto Monté - a very special back story

Helena Prince and Ennesto Monté are among the former participants of "The Summer House of Stars", who were afflicted by the so often quoted curse. Like other couples, they broke up shortly after the format was recorded.

To be fair, however, it should be noted here that it was already clear to many viewers in the summer house that this love was very unlikely to last forever.

Here, two completely different characters met. About the current relationship status of Helena Prince is not much known. Since the "Advocate for the poor"However, if she has been as open as possible about her love life in the past, it is highly likely that she would have spoken about this already if there were another man in her life.

Ennesto Monté is (once again) newly in love. He is currently dating a model and recently posted a meaningful photo on Instagram.

What is "The Reality Star Festival" actually about?

As the name somewhat suggests, these festivals actually feature the most famous reality stars of the Scene together. The spectacle will be hosted by Olivia Jones and Jochen Schropp.

The goal: the search for the smartest trash TV star. This is to be found in various rounds and the associated games.

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Also found were Helena Prince and Ennesto Monté. However, as is well known, the two have also grown apart comparatively quickly.



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