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Elton John releases the "Elton: Jewel Box

Elton John releases the Elton Jewel Box

According to news from Universal Music, passionate Elton John fans are in for a very special treat. Because: on 13 November 2020, the "Elton: Jewel Box" on the market come.

This is a special fan box that could make the hearts of many music fans beat faster.

The "Elton: Jewel Box" - what's inside?

The name sounds promising. The content of the "Elton: Jewel Box"seems to provide good conditions for the high expectations to be fulfilled. Because: the box is supposed to contain very special (and partly lesser-known works) of John's oeuvre from the years 1965 to 2019. In total, the box should contain more than 140 songs be included.

Yes, Elton John certainly has works in his portfolio that have not managed to become particularly well known and/or played at concerts. "Elton: Jewel Box" is dedicated to precisely these phenomena. It is therefore possible that one or two undiscovered treasures are still lurking here that could conquer the charts.

Elton John and the "Elton: Jewel Box" - what does the artist say?

Elton John said he had a lot of fun creating the "Elton: Jewel Box" together. After all, it is always a bit of a journey into the past. Finally, he emphasises that he is sure that the fans will be as happy with the box as he is.

In addition, Elton John outed himself as a "devout record collector" and thus shows once again that this is certainly less of a farewell present, but rather a special retrospective - incidentally based on a total of eight CDs - for his fans.

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Apart from music, the box also has two other highlights to offer: a Hardbook and Comments from Master itself. In addition, the "Elton: Jewel Box" the very first songthat was ever written by Elton John.

When the box can be listened to from 13 November, it will certainly show once again that it might make sense to pay a little more attention to the B-sides of the albums now and then.

Because: experience shows that these are always treated a little stepmotherly - even in connection with big, popular artists. Yet some phenomena from the past have already shown that a No. 1 can also develop from the B side.

How do the fans react?

Admittedly, if it were not an Elton John project, one could certainly speak of such a box as a - more or less risky - experiment. But: the fact that the songs come from the pen of probably the most famous musical spectacle-wearer of all time suggests that something great awaits the fans here.

The latter were thrilled by the news about the idea of releasing a big album around several old songs. Especially in the social networks, the excitement was palpable from the first second after the news was published.

Whether in Germany, England, Spain or Italy, the media are already buzzing about it. It remains to be seen which treasures will be in the Box and how deeply the songs will ultimately strike the heart.



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