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H&M - a lot of headwind for a man's blouse

H&M - a lot of headwind for a man's blouse

Did H&M expect such a headwind? Recently, the fashion chain released its current autumn/winter collection. Apart from classic cuts and designs, for which H&M is known among other things, one thing in particular stood out: a pink blouse for men.

No question: fashion is a matter of taste. Some minds obviously felt offended by the mix of garish pink and the realisation that "this blouse is worn by a man!" and vented their anger loudly (and especially on social media).

The feminine blouse model stands out and seems almost predestined to break through boundaries... And make a statement.

The question, however, is rather: what upsets some people so much that they have to rant so vehemently about an item of clothing?

What does the bone of contention actually look like?

The blouse by H&M, which - also according to the accompanying campaign - is obviously aimed at men, looks light, colourful and above all eye-catching. The sleeves are gathered and the entire model consists of several layers.

Regardless of whether the blouse is worn accordingly by men or women (or people who feel they belong to a different gender): It certainly takes a little fashion courage and sensitivity to wear this garment in Scene to set.

However, since the blouse was explicitly advertised by a man, the outcry was not long in coming. From rather simple comments à la "Not my cup of tea!" to insults, just about everything was represented here within a few hours. Several people made fun of a blouse and its use as a "man's garment".

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Particularly frightening: the fact that the criticism here was often not about the design, but about the above-mentioned crossing of boundaries. It almost seemed as if some people did not allow others to live out their taste - regardless of gender.

H&M counters

After several critics had already spoken out, H&M obviously did not miss the opportunity, Position to obtain.

The fashion chain explained that it stood for diversity and tolerance and that its customers were accordingly characterised by "great diversity". The aim was to show exactly that in the corresponding advertising campaigns.

This goal has probably definitely been achieved.

Not all customers react shocked

Of course, not all H&M customers were or are sceptical about the new men's blouse. Many even praised the fashion chain for such a bold statement and stressed that these were particularly aesthetic images.

And: The fact alone that the issue was also taken up by the media shortly after the campaign was published is likely to have attracted a great deal of attention to the fashion chain.

However, H&M is not the only company that has been championing diversity for some time. There are many brands that have included the rainbow colour in limited editions and the like.

Here, too, the reactions to new designs and representations from the ranks of the LGBTQ community is often mixed. While some welcome the fact that the factor Diversity seems to be playing an increasingly important role even for large companies, other customers would welcome it if the brands in question did not position themselves in this respect.

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Accordingly, such a step always represents a certain risk for the companies. So it is all the better if an initial hesitation is sometimes replaced by a "We are now making a statement!


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