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Getting away from the ex: this makes it easier to say goodbye

These 5 tips help after a painful break-up

Where once love still blossomed and a separation seemed unthinkable, it has now happened: End of the line. The relationship is ended. As a rule, emotional chaos awaits the person who has been abandoned.

The old saying "time heals all wounds" is of limited help. The good news is that some tips can help you get over the loss a little better.

Of course, this does not mean that everything will be the same again from one moment to the next. However, there is nothing to be said against trying everything to get through this time with comparatively few emotional wounds.

Tip no. 1: breaking off contact

As difficult as this very step may be: breaking off contact is usually the first step in the healing and separation process. It means: deleting the ex's number or - if exactly that should not be enough - blocking it.

Ideally, not only on the mobile phone, but also on all social media, the ex should no longer play a role. Breaking off contact helps to concentrate on yourself and set a new focus. Here it is especially important not to give in and also to be hard on yourself. Otherwise the heartbreak can get even worse.

Tip no. 2: Eliminate memories:

Ouch! Everything that reminds you of your (perhaps still beloved?) ex or evokes nice stories in your head should be collected and stowed away out of reach (or thrown away directly). The goal: nothing should remind you of the broken relationship any more.

Whether everything is burned, stored in the cellar or simply "just" put in the dustbin is up to personal taste. But one thing is certain: the step of parting with the material things that once meant so much should be celebrated. Whether alone or with friends, such a "celebration" can underline that the right step towards independence has been taken.

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Tip no. 3: Time to indulge yourself

A separation is enormously difficult and that's exactly how it feels. Emotions run rampant and almost exclusively bad emotions like anger, sadness and resentment dominate everyday life. This is the ideal time to treat yourself.

A relaxing full bath, cinema, going out to eat, turning to old hobbies that may even have been neglected in the relationship: here, whatever pleases is allowed!

Because even after a separation, the earth continues to turn. So why mourn longer than necessary?

Tip No. 4: Stop idealising your ex

Especially after a break-up, the positive and beautiful aspects of a relationship are often remembered. People begin to idealise their partner. There are no more quarrels and suddenly the negative traits of the ex are pushed into the background.

At the same time, it is more necessary than ever to remember the bad (!) experiences. The constant conflicts, the behaviour and the mistakes of the ex-partner can help to get over this person.

Important: never compare new potential partners with your ex!

Tip no. 5: Dream of the perfect relationship

How does the comparison "dream partner vs. ex" actually turn out? Contact, love, fulfilment of one's own needs, activities... Everyone can imagine what their dream relationship should look like. Exactly this idea should be used as a guideline.

So it often quickly becomes clear that the old relationship went much differently than desired. Those who orientate themselves towards their personal dream relationship will certainly quickly be happy and ready for love again.

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Because: The idea of the perfect relationship is nothing other than what each individual deserves!



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