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Trump is accused of "Vote! Vote! Vote!" video with "YMCA" to be sued

Trump to be sued over 'YMCA'

It was one of those videos that made you wonder if an account had been hacked: in the context of the US presidential election, Trump took advantage of the - partly euphoric - mood of the Americans and posted a compilation of clips with dance moves for the LGBTQ Anthem par excellence: "YMCA".

The president was seen waving to his fans and swaying his hips to the sound. However, the clip has consequences. According to several media reports, the rights holders of the song have announced that they will file a lawsuit.

Because: it should not be accepted that the song is used for election campaign advertising of the US president. Therefore, a video that was originally meant to encourage Americans to vote could turn into a real legal battle.

Who exactly is behind "YMCA"?

There's no question about it: "YMCA" is considered the best-known gay anthem par excellence and was also composed by the artists who had a hand in the Village People's other hits, such as "In the Navy" and "Macho Man".

If only because of the fact that "YMCA" (and of course also the Village People) are real greats of the Scene it seems all the more surprising that this very song is being used by the US president for his election campaign.

After all, he and his party are far from famous for standing up for queer rights in America. This is exactly what explains why many gays (and lesbians) turned out shortly after the release of the "Vote! Vote! Vote!" call, many gays (and lesbians) were angry about the embedding of the video.

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After all, Trump was or is the one who made sure that the trans ban was reinstated in the American military. In short, he is certainly not considered to be the president who would have done anything for queer rights during his term in office.

Many internet users make fun of the Trump video

Reactions to the Trump "YMCA" video? Divided. While many Trump supporters celebrated the US president's humour (?), others made fun of the mix of music and - admittedly slightly ponderous - movements.

Shortly after it was published on the president's official Facebook page, however, other Trump posts followed, so that after several hours it was necessary to scroll a little longer to access it again.

Why did Trump choose "YMCA" in the first place?

The possible reasons - despite the fact that Trump rarely if ever stands up for queer rights - that he chose this very song are many and varied.

Was it the catchy beat? Was it the fact that the song - partly because of the Village People's costumes - is inevitably associated by many with classic America? Or perhaps because he would have preferred to choose a different song, but was forbidden to use it?

According to various reports, the current US president has already received a rebuff from Rihanna and Steven Tyler, among others. Elton John has also forbidden the use of his songs. Accordingly, it could well be that "YMCA" was a kind of "stopgap solution" that was possibly expected to convince some more queers in the country.

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The real reasons behind this decision will certainly never be found out by the citizens of America. What is clear, however, is that even a US president cannot take the liberty of releasing songs without the consent of the rights holders.


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