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Vegan snacks for Christmas - delicious, animal-free and suitable for the whole family

5 Tips for a Sustainable and Vegan Christmas

It doesn't always have to be the magnificent goose or the so often quoted "big ham" at Christmas. More and more people are giving up meat and other animal products in their food and deciding to live vegan either completely or "only" in phases.

The good news: even without meat, milk, cheese and co., the Christmas menu can score with taste and a pretty look.

There are many different options for spending a tasty Christmas without an animal.

Many vegans use occasions like Christmas as a little "challenge" anyway. They have resolved to prove to their loved ones that it can be worthwhile - also in culinary terms - to change their way of thinking.

The following tips show how individually vegan dishes can make an appearance. Enjoy your meal!

Tip No. 1: Sweet temptation - vegan treats for the snack plate

There are almost no limits to the imagination in this area. Many treats are vegan anyway, without being declared accordingly. Here it can be worthwhile - for those who make up their minds at short notice - to let their eyes wander over the packaging on the supermarket shelves.

But even those who want to bake their own don't have to do without delicious biscuits or a festive cake. The "magic word"? Substitute products! In many cases, classic milk can be replaced by almond or coconut milk. Chocolate is also available in more and more supermarkets as a vegan variant.

Last but not least, no vegan kitchen should be without agar agar and egg substitute.

Tip no. 2: Vegetables in numerous varieties

Who ever said that vegetables should only be a side dish? It's high time that the colourful all-rounders play a leading role in the menu!

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Especially important: vegan Christmas menus with vegetables and co. are often just as elaborate (and delicious) as the stuffed goose! Therefore, it is important to plan enough time for steaming and cooking.

In addition, it is of course possible here to stick to traditional Christmas ingredients, such as pomegranate, and seasonal vegetables to perhaps additionally convince "critical meat fans".

Whether you end up with soup, stew or other creations depends - who would have thought it? - depends on personal taste.

Tip no. 3: the Jack Fruit

Not in the mood for meat substitutes? No problem! How about a Jack Fruit? This is actually a fruit, but - when prepared correctly - it tastes similar to goulash.

Every guest should be convinced here! Suitable side dishes include dumplings and potatoes.

Tip no. 4: Fruit for dessert

After the main course, dessert is a must. After all, it is the icing on the cake of any multi-course meal. If you want to prevent an unpleasant feeling of satiety, which everyone knows, you should choose fruit. Of course, this has to be draped attractively.

In addition, a Christmas flair is of course permitted, for example with pomegranate and combinations with nuts. If you let your imagination wander a little here, you will quickly realise how versatile a dessert (with vegan ice cream and crumble if you like) can be.

Tip no. 5: the right drinks

Many people who have only had a superficial look at vegan nutrition do not know that even drinks may not be vegan. Absolute classics in this context are apple juice and wine.

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There is not always a reference to any animal ingredients on the corresponding bottles.

Therefore, it is important to ask the manufacturer specifically. Most brands are comparatively open about this and are happy to provide information. Others have been aware for some time that vegan products are increasingly in demand and have printed the vegan logo on their packaging.


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