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Widespread, often hushed up: premature ejaculation

Every fifth man suffers from premature ejaculation

When it comes to this topic, many men are (unfortunately) often overcome by a feeling of shame. Shame above all because almost everyone can certainly remember coming "too soon" at least once in their lives.

The following applies in principle: A premature Ejaculation should not, of course, be a reason to question a whole relationship! It is not about having failed or not being "man enough".

Often it's just a mix of excitement and passion that causes lovemaking to end early (at least for one partner).

But: should a man regularly or particularly often have too early a sex comeIf there is a problem with the skin, there may also be a physical cause that needs to be medically diagnosed.

This is the only way to find the reason for the complaints (and thus a possible solution).

Premature ejaculation: important facts in brief

First, it is important to note that ejaculation is only considered "premature" if it occurs within one minute of Penetration takes place.

The causes for this can be of various kinds - both physical and psychological. Sometimes, the first clues can be found when those affected take a closer look at their lifestyle over the last few weeks. Has the stress level increased? Or could less sex be the reason why the pressure has suddenly been released particularly quickly? Questions upon questions that often cannot be answered within a few moments, but require a little more research (and possibly examinations).

The good news: depending on the cause, premature ejaculation can be treated in many ways. Which type of treatment is advisable here depends on the individual diagnosis.

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From physical exercises, taking medication to surgical interventions, many things are conceivable here.

However, those affected should in any case refrain from self-diagnosis and seek expert help - especially if they have an existing problem.

What are the possible causes?

Since many physical and psychological processes are responsible for male ejaculation, the cause is sometimes difficult to identify. While scientists used to believe that premature ejaculation was almost always psychological, nowadays physical causes are increasingly being identified.

Common infections here include inflammation of the urethra or of the Prostate. The field of neurobiology should also not be completely disregarded in this context. Because: different brain substances can also influence ejaculation.

Very important: address the issue openly within the partnership.

Shame and fear of failure often ensure that the topic of premature ejaculation is hushed up. In the worst case, one partner even blames the other.

In this way, not only are possible physical causes often ignored, but the psychological problems are further strengthened.

However, a look at various forums on the internet shows that no man confronted with this challenge need feel alone.

In the first step, it usually helps to talk to your partner. If this is not possible, your best friend or another confidant may be able to offer advice and support (or at least a sympathetic ear).

Among other things, communication can help to reduce psychological stress - an aspect that sometimes even ensures that the problem quickly disappears into thin air. And if not, there is certainly nothing more encouraging than a partner who accompanies their sweetheart to the doctor and in the search for a solution or treatment approach.

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