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Nicolas Puschmann: Prince Charming speaks out about the love affair

 Nicolas Puschmann speaks out for the first time after love affair

Shockingly and - at least for many - out of the blue, the separation of the first Prince Charming couple announced on Instagram.

Many people could not believe the news at the time and still thought it was a bad joke or a PR stunt.

Even if the fans would have wished for something else, it became more and more a reality for the public as well: Nicolas Puschmann and Lars Tönsfeuerborn are no longer a couple.

The dream couple and their story

Since the end of the first season "Prince Charming" were valid Nicolas and Lars as the poster couple of dating shows.

The two continuously posted photos of their happy love life. They also quickly moved into a flat together in Düsseldorf. It also didn't take long for them to take off as an influencer couple. Together they promoted various products.

Nothing seemed to be able to cloud their happiness - both privately and professionally. Then in November came the surprising news of their love affair.

The separation

According to the official statement Lars from Nicolas separated (we reported). Pushman but still have feelings for his ex-partner.

The Ex-Prince Charming is comparatively open with his emotions here. This is an aspect that many of his fans appreciate. They encourage him, even though anyone who has suffered from heartbreak or been dumped in the past knows that even the most intense encouragement sometimes doesn't help.

News about the reason for the separation

Lars recently explained on Instagram why he had decided to move away from Nicolas had separated. In retrospect, the way they got to know each other was one of the triggers for the break-up. After Nicolas his Lars had chosen from 20 men in the first season, the media response was great.

"Amen differently" - how do queer and church fit together?

And that was precisely what had become a problem. The permanent pressure that weighed on this relationship had become Lars have become too oppressive.

Thus line up Nicolas and Lars in the ranks of the Dating Show Couple who unfortunately did not make it to the "And they lived happily ever after" target.

Pushman have already found a new flat and are in the middle of moving. However, they are still supposed to be in contact with each other.

The reaction of the fans

The fans of the former dream couple are - at least at the moment - on Nicolas' page. The criticism is rather directed against Larsas he was ultimately the one who ended the relationship.

Some followers express themselves critically to objectively, others start a small shitstorm. Because: some of them are of the opinion that they know the real reason for the break-up.

One particular point that is raised from time to time: Lars is said to be incapable, by virtue of its character, of monogamous'e relationship. Therefore, it stands to reason for her that he must have chosen another man on the side.

Another thought that fans are grappling with: would it be possible that Lars was only after fame from the beginning?

However, it is precisely at this point that he reacts sensitively. In a post on Instagram, he addressed his critics directly. He wishes the "Hobby analysts" more happiness and satisfaction in their own lives. Moreover, it would be up to him which details about his person would be made public. come and which not.

"Prince Charming" the Gay Bachelor always on Mondays at 10.10 pm on VOX
The former dream couple on "The Perfect Dinner

There is one last chance to see the two of them as a couple in love once more. At 23 December become Lars and Nicolas at the celebrity edition of the "Perfect dinner" prepare a more common menu together.

The recording was made before the two separated.



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