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"Wo Soll'n Wir Hingehn" - New Song by Peter Plate and FASO Gives Courage

Faso and Peter Plate - new single - "Wo Soll'n Wir Hingehn" (Where Should We Go)

2020 was a year in which, at the beginning, the Receipt obligation led to resentment and later became probably the most trivial upset of the year.

Corona swept the world and put large parts of society in fear and isolation. No concerts, no festivals and a rather gloomy view of the future. Alone at home, the carousel of worry began to spin for many people.

Now that the second lockdown has been going on for a few days, it's time to look for little encouragers in everyday life, isn't it?

Peter Plate and FASO release new song

Peter Plate ("Rosenstolz") and FASO decided to produce a song together that should give people courage especially in these crazy times.

The song "Where Shall We Go" was released on 20 November 2020 and the accompanying video on 09 December 2020.

The message is clear: "You are not alone with your worries".

This kind of musical compassion should encourage a lot of people to shake off the dust and go for it again.

Among other things, the song deals with deserted streets, longing for encounters and exuberance. What is particularly exciting in this context is that although the song deals with a thoroughly melancholic theme, the melody does not necessarily convey a sad mood. On the contrary!

The danceable 80s beats invite you to groove and caress your soul. Exactly what is needed at the moment.

Faso and Peter Plate - new single - "Wo Soll'n Wir Hingehn" (Where Should We Go)

Peter Plate and FASO - not the first collaboration

"Where Shall We Go" is not the first joint project between Peter Plate and FASO. The two musicians have already worked together in the past. Under the label "Milk Music" produced boss Peter Plate together with his artists FASO and Marcella Rockefeller already released the party hit "Heller (High Heels)".

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With this track they also made it into various music programmes, even into the "ZDF TV Garden". The song got another special touch through the feature with Ross Antony.

Peter Plate describes his latest work ("Where Shall We Go") as follows: "A melancholic pop song with an eightees vibe, to which everyone can dance together, alone through the living room and let go a bit."

And indeed, at the latest during the chorus, it's hard to keep your feet still here.

But who knows? Maybe the fans won't have to wait much longer for more songs by Peter, FASO and Co. are waiting?

After all, people can desperately use a little positive vibes at the end of the year and for 2021.

A special look at the video

The video for "Where Shall We Go"breaks a lance for diversity. Without too conspicuous effects it shows not only FASOThe city is not only a city of people who make their way through the alleys of the city, but also many people, some of them completely different, who spend the time of the lockdown within their own four walls.

They differ in terms of appearance, gender and so on, but they all feel connected to each other. And it is precisely this coherence that surely makes the song so magical: the good feeling of being one of many, even in a crisis, and not having to feel alone for that very reason.

Anyone who fancies a realistic-optimistic look at the future should find something to interest them in "Wo Shall We Go" the matching "Partner" for his headphones.

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