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Butt Workouts - Exercises for a sexy backside

Butt workouts for a firm butt

Admittedly, with low temperatures and the thought of possible travel restrictions, it's not so much fun yet to think about summer 2021 and the butt workouts that go with it. But why not? What's wrong with taking care of your body now, so that it will be the subject of envious glances in the warm season?

With the following exercises, working out your buttocks at home is child's play! If you manage to stay on the ball here, you can look forward to a sexy bottom in summer - both in your swimming trunks and in a business outfit.

Exercise No. 1: the Squats

Exercise No. 1 the Squats

It is the forefather of all butt exercises: the squat! It makes the muscles burn and often creates round shapes comparatively quickly.

To perform the squat correctly, it is important to work with your own body weight. In this case it means: stand upright with your feet about shoulder-width apart, bend your knees and at the same time make sure that these knees do not (!) go over your toes. Keep your back straight. Do not slouch or arch your back! For ambitious beginners, three sets of about ten repetitions are ideal. But don't worry! If you can't do this number of squats, simply do fewer at first. Increases are always possible afterwards!

Exercise No. 2: Cross Lunges

Exercise No. 2 Cross Lunges

These butt workouts are a little reminiscent of a curtsy at court. Here, the lateral butt areas are trained in particular. In the starting position, stand about shoulder-width apart and then cross your left leg behind your right leg in a lunge. Then repeat the process on the other side. To achieve the greatest possible effect and avoid overloading the joints, it is important to keep the upper body straight and let the front knee rotate a little outwards.

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Exercise No. 3: Leg Lifts

Exercise No. 3 Leg Lifts

Here the name says it all: with the leg lifts, the legs are lifted upwards - either sideways or forwards. It is particularly important to keep the pelvis in a straight position and not to rotate with momentum.

If you want to intensify the butt workout a little more, you can also incorporate a squat between the individual leg lifts.

Exercise No. 4: Kick Backs


Exercise No. 4: Kick Backs

Kick backs are great for working out both buttocks individually during the butt workout. Simply get on all fours and then rest your elbows on the floor. Now slowly lift the left leg at a 90° angle and press it upwards in regular movements. If you like, you can also "pump" a little in between and then switch back to a slower speed. Sore muscles are almost guaranteed here.

After that, of course, the side is changed.

Would you like an additional exercise? No problem! From the Kick Backs it is also comparatively easy to switch to the Dog. This means: get into a quadruped stance (this time with the palms on the floor) and perform the same movement with the thighs at a 90° angle to the lower legs to the side. To further enhance the effect, it is a good idea to pull in the belly button. Depending on your personal fitness level, you can of course also "pump" here.

Conclusion: No more excuses!

Even though the gyms are currently closed due to the lockdown, this doesn't mean that you can't work on your Summerbody figure! The fact that you don't need any additional equipment to train your buttocks at home is a good reason why your inner piggy is running out of excuses.

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