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The abbreviation UB is often used for "uncircumcised" in many chats and in personal ads.

The letter or abbreviation UB is often used in chats and in connection with personals and sex ads as a synonym for "uncut" is used. On many gays (and incidentally also on Straight women) an uncircumcised Penis very attractive.

Especially when the UB-Tail still has the "right length" (for example, M or more), it can be a problem with the Flirt via smartphone is well worth having a thick drink every now and then. Pic to send.

However, there are also many gay men who are more interested in a circumcised penis and therefore not in the "original" variant! So if you want to show off your UB cock, you should check out the other person's taste beforehand, if possible. Of course, there is also the possibility to point out one's own preferences in connection with the UB variant in the context of chats - for example in the profile. In this way, many potential partners will certainly get in touch on their own.

In the uncircumcised penis, the tip is cut by the Foreskin covered. Some "foreskin wearers" take advantage of this fact by creating a "foreskin" right here. Piercing get stung. The possibilities of getting the cock even more skilfully in Scene are many and varied.

One of the best-known risks, however, associated with the UB penis: a possible infection. The circumcised penis is generally considered to be somewhat more hygienic, as it can also be cleaned quite easily under the foreskin.

If you want to change from an uncircumcised to a circumcised penis, it is best to contact your doctor. The reasons for taking this step can be many and varied. Sometimes religious aspects, sometimes personal preferences and sometimes medical recommendations play a role. After a Circumcision However, the tail is usually soon "ready for action" again. Complications, such as inflammations and the like, occur rather rarely.