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Pruning yes or no? 

Pruning yes or no?

Sooner or later, many gays ask themselves whether it might not make sense to have themselves circumcised. After all, a Penis without Foreskin often particularly attractive. For a long time now, circumcision has therefore no longer been carried out exclusively for religious reasons.

Time and again there is talk of "special advantages" in connection with the small operation. But what exactly are these advantages? And how does a Circumcision off?

The following information can help to provide a little more clarity and accordingly provide a small decision-making aid.

The procedure

With a Circumcision is a small, usually completely uncomplicated procedure. The foreskin is removed either completely or only partially. In many cases, only a local anaesthetic is used.

If there are medical reasons for circumcision...

Some men are relieved of the decision in connection with the question "circumcision: yes or no? Because: sometimes action (and circumcision) must be taken from a medical point of view.

This is the case, among other things, if the foreskin area becomes inflamed again and again or if problems arise when urinating. In addition, a Erection during a Foreskin constriction is a real problem for those affected. The pain can often be quickly alleviated with the help of circumcision.

Circumcised gays: this is why many opt for this procedure

A circumcised penis does not only exert a special fascination on many gays. Besides a "sexy look", however, other factors also play a role, including:

  • Easier cleaning and correspondingly convincing hygiene
  • usually less inflammation (especially in the urinary tract)
  • a sometimes increased stamina during sex

An important role. However, the latter point in particular cannot be confirmed for all patients. While some men actually notice a difference compared to before, others notice no change.

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One thing is certain: the risk associated with circumcision is quite low. However, as with other operations, there is a risk. For example, the wound can become infected. In the vast majority of cases, however, the affected area heals quickly and is then ready for use again after only a short period of rest.

Who should and who can be circumcised?

Especially when doctors advise circumcision because otherwise inflammations would develop again and again, the procedure is usually unavoidable. However, some gays are free to choose and often make a conscious decision to go through life without a foreskin.

Who, for example:

  • thinks that a circumcised penis simply looks better
  • Belongs to a religion where a circumcised penis is an important requirement to fully belong to the community.
  • spice up his sex life a little
  • Surprise your partner

would like to, may be well advised to undergo this minor procedure. Nevertheless, an operation like circumcision should not be underestimated. Side effects (especially in connection with the anaesthetic) are always possible. In addition, it is important to take sufficient care of the wound afterwards to create a reliable basis for a quick healing. If all the guidelines have been followed, there is usually nothing to stop sex after a few weeks.


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