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The difficult search for Mr. Right - where does the "Great Love" lurk?

The difficult search for Mr. Right - where does the Great Love lurk?

One thing is certain: even though it is certainly fun to spend the nights in bars, the one or the other One Night Stand to take home with them or just enjoy being single, many gays sooner or later think about where their "Mr. Right" might be waiting for them.

But be careful! If you're too tense in your search for "true love", you could actually miss it. Sometimes it's the famous coincidence that makes Tinder, singles parties and the like suddenly superfluous.

But where are the chances of meeting Mr. Right actually particularly good? The good news: there is no hard and fast rule here! However, the following tips can help you to stroll through life a little more attentively in future.

The classic: the bar

Yes, they do still exist: the couples who met in a bar. However, in order not to raise false expectations, it is extremely important to meet in the "right bar". flirt.

Especially in big cities, there are many locations whose image for one night stands (ONS) and sex without commitment. If you are really looking for true love, you should, of course, steer clear of these establishments. The alternative: cosy cafés that can also be visited in the afternoon and perhaps offer not only delicious food but also a nice guy at the next table.

Play it safe: the circle of friends

Looking for a man for life among close acquaintances usually offers a certain degree of security. Because: if Mr. X gets along with the best buddies and girlfriends, it is usually rather unlikely that a human disappointment is hiding behind his façade.

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Or in other words: the man of your dreams has already been "checked out" in advance and can ideally be recommended to others with a clear conscience. The only disadvantage: if the relationship breaks up, both members of the clique may have to continue to come to terms with each other.

Dating apps: modern and suitable for almost every dating goal

Whether a dating app is suitable for getting to know a person better depends on many factors - including the app and the intention of the people involved. Anyone who is looking for a person with initial intentions should be particularly careful here. Because: due to the fact that it is possible to block and write anonymously to one's heart's content via the corresponding apps, many people also cavort here to whom truth, tolerance and politeness do not mean too much. Of course, it is also possible to find a partner for life in connection with apps.

Virtual dating on the internet - better than its reputation

Chatting is "so 90s"? Maybe so. But if you fancy a cosy evening on the couch and want to flirt and exchange pictures at the same time, you should give the relevant chat rooms a chance.

Since especially large chat sites rely on letting users choose between different rooms, many misunderstandings are already prevented in advance. Gays who are looking for a long-term relationship should be less likely to stay in the classic "ONS areas" and then get annoyed by more or less crude pick-up lines.

Those who opt for neutral rooms often quickly find like-minded people where it is fun to get to know each other even better through typical small talk.

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Great love can - at least theoretically - be waiting around every corner. Sometimes it's best to let Mr. Right surprise you when you least expect it. If you want to help your personal luck along, there are many ways to start from scratch. active to become. Have fun trying it out!


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