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5 prejudices in check - about gays, pink and lots of glitter

5 Gay Prejudices in Check

Many gays have to defend themselves against prejudices in the course of their lives. A glance at the Scenethat it is simply no longer possible to speak of standards here. The LGBTQ The community is so diverse and complex that it is difficult to identify details that are "typical". gay" are.

Nevertheless, it's fun to refute classic "regulars' slogans" and to prove to oneself that gays should by no means be pigeonholed. Unfortunately, however, it is also the media that ultimately ensures that the image of the "Pink-wearing" gays is preserved.

Prejudice No. 1: Every gay man wants to be a woman!

No! Just because gay men are into men does not, of course, mean that they want to be a woman themselves. Of course there are people who were born in the wrong body and therefore undergo gender reassignment in the course of their lives.

However, being classically gay means being into men and being a man yourself. Nothing more. On the contrary! Many gays love to present their masculine side and wouldn't dream of wanting to appear particularly feminine.

Prejudice No. 2: Gays are sick!

This is surely one of the most disgusting prejudices ever. No: gays are not sick! It is not abnormal, disgusting or even unnatural to be attracted to one's own sex. As long as both partners are of age and agree to the relationship, there is nothing to stop them from enjoying their own homosexuality with all its facets.

Those who are gay do not need a doctor or a cure for their "ailment". Unfortunately, many people here still disagree.

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Prejudice No. 3: Gays just haven't met the right woman yet!

Oh yes! Many gay people in the past were before their Coming Out even married to a woman. Those who are interested in men as men do not do so because of the fact that they would have been disappointed by the opposite sex.

The corresponding feelings often develop slowly or have been suppressed over a long period of time. It is presumptuous and - to a certain extent - insulting to say that all that has been lacking so far is the right woman.

Prejudice No. 4: Gays want to convert straights!

Most gay people feel that the Flirt among gays well and have no intention of making a Straight to lure you to the "other shore". Of course, it is quite possible that a "mistake" happens now and then when flirting in everyday life. However, this does not usually happen on purpose.

Accordingly, heterosexual men do not have to be afraid of gays. Many men who nevertheless express concerns here often turn out to be homophobic in a deeper conversation.

Prejudice No. 5: Gays are always top-styled!

Unfortunately not. Even though many gay men place an extremely high value on their appearance, this is a classic prejudice.

The extent to which a person loves to groom and style himself depends on his individual character and not on his preference for the same sex. However, the opinion that especially men who like to groom themselves "must be gay" unfortunately persists (also among women).


Nobody likes to deal with prejudices. Yet there are many people who seem to have found a target precisely in connection with homosexuals.

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What helps against this? Education, conversations and the good feeling of being individual.


Also interesting: June is Pride Month.

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