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Hubert Fella and Sam Dylan are in the "Battle of the Reality Stars - Shipwreck on Dream Beach"!

Battle of the reality stars - Shipwreck on a dream beach

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Those who thought that the trash TV summer - apart from "Das Sommerhaus der Stars" - would be largely poor, should be pleased to hear that RTL II is launching a new show on 22.07.2020. The title: "Battle of the Reality Stars - Shipwreck on a Dream Beach".

While the whole thing is hosted by Cathy Hummels, the participants include almost everyone who is anyone in German reality TV. Among others, everything tester Hubert Fella and ex-"Prince Charming" participant Sam Dylan are also part of the party.

"Battle of the Reality Stars - Shipwreck on Dream Beach" - what is it about?

By a lot! Because: the participants will be competing for prize money of 50,000 euros! For the viewers, the whole thing should also be a real spectacle. Especially those who have been following the corresponding formats for years will certainly have no problems recognising one or the other face (or all of them?).

Among others, give themselves:

  • Everything tester Hubert Fella
  • Annemarie Eilfeld (singer, known from "DSDS" among others)
  • Kate Merlan (ex-girlfriend of Benjamin Boyce, known from "Das Sommerhaus der Stars")
  • Jürgen Milski (known from the very first "Big Brother" season)
  • Georgina Fleur (known from "The Bachelor")
  • Ex-Bachelor Oliver Sanne
  • Sam Dylan (known from "Prince Charming")
  • Willi Herren (known from "Lindenstraße", "Sommerhaus der Stars" and Ballermann)

The honour. A - in the truest sense of the word - colourful mixture that should lead to promising situations.

In addition, it is difficult, among other things, to make a prediction about who will ultimately take home the victory in this range and without knowledge of the games and challenges.

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"Battle of the Reality Stars - Shipwreck on Dream Beach" - here's how it works!

The basic principle of the show seems simple: every week new celebrities enter the island, while just as regularly two celebrities have to leave, as they are voted out by the group.

Of course, it is not only the games that are likely to be particularly exciting, but also the conversations between the various participants. Arguments seem to be almost pre-programmed here.

The viewer will find out exactly what all this looks like in pictures from 22 July. Anyone who looks at the list of stars and knows their "explosive character" from other formats knows that there is a lot of dynamite lurking here.

Can Hubert Fella possibly improve his husband's image?

On "Battle of the Reality Stars - Shipwreck on the Dream Beach", this time none other than Hubert Fella represents the probably most famous all-tester couple. After Matthias' appearances in "Dschungelcamp" and on "Promis unter Palmen", the question is whether he will manage to rise higher in the viewers' favour than his husband.

The latter recently came under increasing criticism in "his" formats. Many viewers accused him of dishonesty and deceitful behaviour on social networks. Many members of the "German LGBT Scene and accused him of damaging the image of gay men.

But who knows? Maybe Hubert "Hubsi" Fella will manage to improve his husband's image a little again?

The appearance of Sam Dylan should be at least as exciting. At the latest since he managed to conquer the heart of Rafi Rachek and since his participation in "Prince Charming", he has also been represented in the colourful pages of the Republic. After the fans had to do without the couple in this year's "Summer House of the Stars", they should get their money's worth again in this format come.

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