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Embrace despite Corona - Jochen Schropp earns small shitstorm

Jochen Schropp reaps a shitstorm

Television has also changed because of the Corona crisis. For example, during the Corona crisis, only a few viewers were allowed in the audience section of "Promi Big Brother". The otherwise empty seats were filled by cardboard standees. Especially funny: those who wanted to had the opportunity to send their own picture to the production company in advance. The selected or drawn PBB fans were printed out "life-size" and placed anew every evening.

The audience reacted all the more surprised to a Scenewhich presenter Jochen Schropp certainly didn't know would be so popular. live TV would land.

What had happened?

The shock of having to move out was Emmy Russ written all over her face. The reality TV starlet, who has also shown her claws in the past at the "Beauty and the Nerd" had pulled out, wept bitter tears as she - together with Katy Boo - had to leave the house.

Like all the other eliminated contestants before her, Emmy was also presented by the two presenters. Marlene Lufen and Jochen Schropp received. Due to the current situation, however, the welcome was a little "cooler" or less contactful than usual. Schropp also emphasised how sorry he was that Emmy had not made it to the final. "And we're not even allowed to hug you!" he continued.


This was followed by what actually follows an excerpt in every season. Congratulations on the "Xth place", words of encouragement and a summary of the last few days. Among other things, Jochen underlined the enormous transformation. The ex-Beauty and the Nerd contestant had gone through in the course of the last few days.

How do you get a toned upper body by spring?

And indeed: especially in the challenges, Emmy by no means fulfilled the image of the blonde. She delivered as good as always and was honoured for this, among other things, in a flaming speech by Kathy Kelly celebrated. It almost seemed as if Emmy neither knew fear of heights nor was afraid of other games from different categories. Instead, she often competed voluntarily or willingly put herself up for election, for example, when it came to playing for area changes and co. Also unforgotten: her "shopping sprees" in the "PBB" Supermarket.

After the moderation Jochen Schropp However, it was a faux pas that resulted in a small to medium-sized shitstorm.

A momentous embrace by Jochen Schropp

While it was emphasised a few minutes before that a hug for Emmy unfortunately had to be cancelled due to Corona, this followed more or less on its heels... And exactly when the cameras - at least according to the opinion of the presenters - were already switched off.

The audience in front of the TV screens was surprised by this move and gave free rein to their displeasure on social networks shortly afterwards. Many could not understand why the presenter Jochen Schropp still explicitly emphasised that hugging was taboo and then acted against his own statement.

However, by the time of the final, where almost all the ex-participants were present on Friday evening, Emmy also seemed to have at least recovered from her elimination in the semi-final. She had realised how far she had come and was now very happy.

By the way, the winner of the Promi Big Brother season 2020 is called Werner Hansch. The former sports presenter also had tears in his eyes towards the end. However, these were definitely due to his emotion.

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