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Das Sommerhaus der Stars - Andrej Mangold is critical of broadcasting

Das Sommerhaus der Stars - Andrej Mangold is critical of broadcasting

Trash TV fans have been eagerly waiting for a long time. Now it is certain: "Summer House of the Stars" will be broadcast from 09.09.2020. In contrast to previous years, filming will take place in Germany. The reason for this was or is the Corona pandemic, which made travelling during filming complicated.

The current opening credits show that there may be a lack of the best southern weather, but not of potential for trouble. Because: things are getting high. So high, in fact, that some participants are a little sceptical about the broadcast of "Das Sommerhaus der Stars".

Especially ex-Bachelor Andrei Mangold recently referred to this Position in one of his Instagram stories. Among other things, he seems to be thinking about which Scene are shown on TV and which are not.

Andrej Mangold and "Das Sommerhaus der Stars" - why is he not well?

Ex-Bachelor (and also ex-basketball pro, by the way) Andrei Mangold informed his fans a few days ago that he was not really well with regard to the broadcast of "Das Sommerhaus der Stars". Now the date for the first episode is getting closer. It will be on 09 September 2020.

In this context, Mangold speaks of a "queasy gut feeling". He does not know which scenes will be shown and which will not. Accordingly, it is also unclear how the overall situation will be received by the audience.

He goes on to talk about a situation that must have taken such a toll on him emotionally that he would sit in a corner completely distraught. However, he does not reveal more. However, the scene in question can now be seen on the RTL website. Here the viewer actually sees Mangold with reddened eyes, tears and a desperate look.

Gerhard Meir, the gay celebrity hairdresser has passed away.

The viewer would not believe his eyes, he explains further... And thus certainly ensures once again that his fans will tune in on launch day.

Das Sommerhaus der Stars - Andrej Mangold is critical of broadcasting

Andrej Mangold and his Jenny took time out

Many other stars have already experienced that filming reality formats can be stressful. There is also a danger for the relationship that cannot be denied. Many ex-participants even speak of a summer house curse in this context, which among other things led to former couples separating after the recording.

This concern is important with regard to the relationship between Andrei Mangold and Jennifer Lange certainly completely unfounded. The two still post couple photos and accordingly seem anything but separated or unhappy.

However, the ex-Bachelor stressed that he had taken time off after filming "Summer House of the Stars". The whole thing had taken its toll on his psyche. Here, however, he and his Jenny are obviously in agreement. When asked about the incidents and arguments in the summer house, they often compared the whole thing to a "madhouse".

Andrej had felt so exhausted after the project that he needed time off.

One thing is certain: both in the trailer for the current season and in his Instagram Story, Andrej's desperation is plain to see. It would therefore certainly be too short-sighted to assume that this is just a kind of advertisement for the season opener on 9 September. Nevertheless, the ex-Bachelor has managed to raise the tension level a little further. Many other ex-participants are still keeping a low profile. Only Georgina Fleur gives a little insight into what it might be like to take part in a format with her over a period of several days with her current performance at the "Battle of the Reality Stars".

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