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These queer stars are taking part in the Promiboxen 2020 on Sat 1

These queer stars are taking part in the Promiboxen 2020 on Sat 1

Soon it will be that time again! "Das große Sat 1 Promiboxen" will be starting up again. In the past, among others, TV celebrities, such as Lucas Cordalis, Pierre Geisensetter, Doro Pesch and Thorsten Legat with it.

The current spectacle will be broadcast both on 18 September 2020 and a week later on 25 September 2020 (both at 8.15pm).

After some speculation, the pairings for the evenings have now been decided. It has become apparent that - especially in the context of the first Live-The queer community, among others, also gets its money's worth.

"Das große Sat 1 Promiboxen" - Who's competing?

On 18 September 2020, the Matthias Mangiapane and Julian F.M. Stoeckel in the ring at the celebrity boxing competition. Especially the look at Matthias Mangiapanes Instagram account shows that the ex-"Celebrities under palm trees"candidate obviously takes his task particularly seriously. He diligently posts training photos and actually seems fitter than he did a few months ago.

Also with Carina Spack and Jade Britani Fists will fly on the first evening of the fight, before the Oliver Sanne (former Bachelor) vs. Yasin Cilingir tries his luck. The ex-Rosenkavalier should be proud of himself in many ways. After a sporting breakdown a few years ago, it was predicted that he would no longer be able to play a competitive sport. He wants to prove his fans (and his opponent) wrong on 18 September 2020. And: one look at his toned muscles reveals that the plan could work.

However, the celebrity boxing pairings that meet one week later (on 25 September 2020) definitely have it in them as well. Here fights Paul Janke against the "The Bachelorette" candidate Filip Pavlovic. New single Elena Miras then stands against Anastasiya Avilova in the ring. Both still know each other from their time in the Jungle Camp and were not always best friends even here.

What about gayromeo old design

Last but not least Giulia Siegel and singer Yvonne King, as well as "Prince Charming" candidate Sam Dylan and "The Bachelorette" candidate Serkan Yavuz know who has trained better in the last few weeks.

In addition to many sporting elements, this will straight and the homosexual spectators something for the eyes. It remains to be seen who will bring home the respective victories.

"Das große Sat 1 Boxen" and the marginal data - what else is important?

Even though they trained hard in the last few weeks, it cannot be denied that the participants are still not boxing professionals. That is why, among other things, the round time has been reduced. This means: the men fight for 5 x 2 minutes and the women for 4 x 1.5 minutes.

The two live spectacles will be hosted by Sat 1 veteran Matthias Killingwho was also present at the last celebrityBox event was at the start, Melissa Khalaj and Sarah Valentina Winkhaus.

Especially trash TV fans should be familiar with the names of the protagonists of the two evenings. Anyone looking for a change from the classic TV programme should get their money's worth here. come. Moreover, the last shows of this kind have also proven that celebrity boxing should not be underestimated. Especially Pierre Geisensetter proved at the time that it is quite possible to prove oneself in a special, sporting and professional way with the help of a healthy portion of ambition and extensive training.


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