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Basti wins "Fame Maker" and makes a statement

Basti wins "Fame Maker" and makes a statement

The winner of the first season of "Fame Maker" has been decided. Basti has won the final. But not only he was convincing. The entire season was under the statement of Diversity and the good feeling of being just as perfect as you are.

Basti managed to prevail against the - mostly also top-class - competition on Thursday evening. With a song ("Starlight") that was composed especially for him, he finally took the pot.

But "Fame Maker" was not only convincing in the final. The ratings proved the new "Raab Project" right. The system of versatility, guesswork and fun works.

Basti opposed social conventions at an early age

Basti is a very special bird of paradise and made an important statement not only at the finale of "Fame Maker". Among other things, he reported that he had realised for some time that he was not what society expected of him. The fact that the artist grew up in a small town did not necessarily make his life easier in this respect.

With a mixture of DragIn the end, Basti not only won the hearts of the jury, but also the hearts of the audience.

Among other things, this was certainly due to the artist's final song. It was composed by David Pfeffer ("X-Factor") and was virtually written for the finalist. The core message: even if a person Drag Queen, Transsexual, Gay or other, he (or she) is still the son or daughter or child of his or her parents.

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An empty chair took on a special role in this context. This was placed on the stage and was supposed to stand for all parents who would not want to accept that their child is the way it is.

Basti wins "Fame Maker" and makes a statement

Fame Maker offers pure goosebumps - not only for Basti

"Starlight" is an anthem that manages to portray the children of said parents not as "victims" but as self-confident people who love and accept themselves.

Due to the special quality of his performance, it is certainly not difficult to imagine Basti (and also some other finalists) on other, big stages. Because: singers such as "Cage" or the band "Blackbird" also made a statement and, as Carolin Kebekus so already noted, raised questions such as "Where have you been all this time?".

There is a high probability that the audience will hear the voices of the candidates who made it to the final show on "Fame Maker" again.

Even many TikTok users who didn't turn on the TV on Thursday night are likely to be in touch with at least one artist soon. come. Because: Basti won, among other things, a blue tick for his profile and can accordingly appear even more professional here in the future.

An all-round successful diversity evening - in many respects

Due to the success of "Fame Maker", it is quite conceivable that the first season of this format was not the last.

In this context, it was particularly interesting to observe again and again how versatile diversity can be. Whether body positivity, a beautiful singer with millimetre-short hair or drag: everything was represented here. In short: a great party that once again showed how colourful (and talented) the world can be.

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