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Prince Charming episode 5: now it's time to fight... And strip

Attention! Spoilers! - Conclusion to episode 5 of Prince Charming

Granted: also the last episodes of the second season of Prince Charming were certainly not what you would call "harmonious holiday trip" would call it. No wonder! After all, it's all about standing out from a mass of suitors and conquering the prince's heart!

As always, the following applies at this point: If you don't want to be spoiled, don't read on! The episode we are talking about here will be broadcast on 23.11.2020 on VOX at Free TV aired. So far it has been broadcast exclusively via TVnow to see.

Michael stands by his opinion

Actually, everything could have been so nice: several attractive men, tasty drinks and ... spin the bottle. However, no one had any idea that this situation could turn into a real fight. Especially participants Michael but clearly stood up to many others in the group. Is he developing into a lone fighter?

The next group date

But there really wasn't much time to harden the fronts even further (or to make up?). Because: after the quarrel is before the group date. This time the candidates were allowed to Andrea, Gino, Jacob, Michael and Jan look forward to Prince Charming possibly come a little closer.

However, only the following were able to make the most of their opportunity Jacob. He was asked by the prince if he could possibly stay for a single date. Here things got really hot (and deep). There was smooching. At the same time, exciting topics of conversation arose around a possible future for the two of them. Marriage, children, ... it felt like all the topics that could be interesting in a relationship in the coming years were dealt with during this single date.

"The Boys in the Band" - Jim Parsons plays a screenwriter

Gino becomes a drag queen

With regard to the fact that kissing has now already taken place with one or the other participant, it is now at the latest time to assert oneself from the crowd. This time, especially Ginowho decided to come to the happy hour as the Drag Queen to come.

After all, "getting to know each other" also means seeing the other person from as many sides as possible. A prejudice with which Gino obviously confronted more often is that he is an exclusively funny character. At the same time Alex but in the run-up to the interview he repeatedly emphasised that it is important for him to have serious talks with his partner from time to time. So that now, due to the Drag Queen If you do not want to give the wrong impression, please Gino Alex to the conversation and would like to show him how profound he can be.

However, the emotional, calm mood does not last long. Because: Participants Adrian starts a strip, Joachim even smooches with the Prince Charming in the sleeping area.

All this mixed with a fundamentally exuberant mood and the - perhaps often feigned - carelessness of the other boys seems too much for the - in this respect - rather timid Arne to be. Somehow it hasn't really worked out in the last few days to spend a little longer with Alex to get into a conversation. Does he still have a chance at all?


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