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"Take Me Out" - Flirt show now wants to set up gay men

Finally the gay version of "Take Me Out" arrives

After the disastrous 2020, there is the first small glimmer of hope for the coming 2021 with the show "Take me out" - at least in the TV sector and for all those who are looking for more Diversity are located.

The popular show "Take Me Out" will captivate viewers to their screens in 2021 with a homosexual special.

The programme opens its virtual gates to gay men who like to flirt to possibly find the man for life.

In the current Straight variant, a trans candidate has already appeared in the past.

The success of the show - so far at least - proves it right. Since 2013, the show has been broadcast on German television and is hosted by Comedian Ralf Schmitz hosted. The fan base grows with almost every show and the mix of flirting, wit and individual candidates is regularly celebrated on social networks.

"Take Me Out - Boys Boys Boys"

The addition lets you guess: now it's the boys' turn - and ONLY the boys! Otherwise, the principle remains the same: in the show, the flirt-ready candidate may choose a date from several candidates. The "Hook": said candidates can declare their own disinterest at any time with a buzzer. Thus, it is possible that opposing preferences clash here and the TV audience witnesses unpleasant baskets.

The first episode of the gay version is to be broadcast on 02 January 2021. The message is clear: tolerance and equality! Also and especially on TV!

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Thus "Take Me Out - Boys Boys BoysThe "new" project is part of a development that in the past has also affected the Bachelor in the form of Prince Charming benefited. By the way, an additional extension to the latter format is currently planned.

Because: soon a woman will be allowed to choose from several male AND female candidates in the rose or tie show. A "Bi-Pendant" to "Take me out", however, does not seem to be planned (yet?).

Finally the gay version of "Take Me Out" arrives

RTL: in search of the right candidates

To make the new gay show exciting and entertaining, RTL went on a nationwide search to find suitable candidates. Those responsible focused on a target group between 18 and 40 years old.

Another basic requirement was that the future candidates should not be shy. Of course! After all, the aim is to bring an exciting format to life. Even if shyness is certainly perceived as sexy by some, such shows need people who have no problem showing themselves.

Whether it will then become apparent after the broadcast of the first programmes whether one of the two "Take me out" variants is more popular than the other remains to be seen.

An approach to the homosexual community?

Possibly. After all, several other shows have already shown that there is definitely interest in a show or series that focuses on love for the same sex.

No matter whether gay or not: the first programme in particular is likely to attract many - some simply curious - viewers. And who knows? Perhaps the dating-flirt show will also create a basis for one or two dream relationships? After all, it wouldn't be the first time that two people fell in love in front of the camera.

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Unfortunately, however, it must also be admitted - realistically speaking - that said love in front of TV cameras is not always under a good star. As a current example, Nicolas Puschmann and his ex have shown that even the (seemingly) most beautiful happiness in the media world seems to be very fragile (we reported).

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