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Prince Charming - The Big Season 2 Reunion

The big reunion of the second season Prince Charming

It is one of the most dreaded episodes of all: the reunion episode! After all, many of the Bachelors have already been in the Straight-In the first season, the staff had to learn that dirty laundry is usually washed here with particular pleasure.

Also Alex must face his former candidates, however. It's not always all laughter here. Among other things, it is the special mix of different characters that has already caused trouble during the season.

Particularly exciting: Some of the Men have the Princes since they were kicked out. Read here how the reunion turned out!

(Attention, this could be a spoiler! If you have not yet seen the current episode on TVnow and don't want to know how the second season around the Alex should not read any further.)

Not all candidates are at the reunion

So now the time has finally come: the candidates, his chosen one and the Prince meet again. With them are not only Alex and Lauritzbut also Vincent (2nd place), David, Michael, Jan, Gino, Andrea and Joachim. The reunion is hosted by Lola Weippert and starts - as usual - with a review of the events of the second season.

The interview with Vincent, who failed to win in the final against Lauritz to push through is emotional. Among other things, he explains that he himself was surprised that he had come so far.

Every now and then, however, it seems as if a little wounded pride is speaking out of him. He never tires of emphasising that he has come to terms with what happened. He is fine with the decision.

Attention! Spoilers! - The finale of Prince Charming

Lauritz and Alex: the dream couple?!

At the latest when the most beautiful Scene'n from Lauritz and Alex are shown, the winner of the current season's show has his dams burst. He cries. But why, actually? Maybe because the love between the two has died out again? Or "only" out of emotion?

What is particularly interesting in this context is that - according to their own statement - between Alex and Gino has developed a friendship in the meantime. The two are in regular contact with each other and seem happy to talk about "Prince Charming" to have got to know.

The dramas surrounding Joachim and Jan pick up speed again

What would a reunion episode of a dating show be without the accompanying drama? In season number 2 it was mainly Joachim and Janwho left few wishes unfulfilled here. They were not only often criticised by the viewers, but also by the other participants. But how do they actually evaluate their behaviour in retrospect?

Was it a mistake to move out voluntarily and thus reduce the chances of Alex to gamble away? Joachim seems sorry for what happened. He explains his departure with his emotions and his anger about the overall situation and apologises afterwards. In addition, he was disappointed that he and Alex did not get closer on the overnight date.

Jan go takes a different direction. He blames his reaction on the behaviour of the others Men in the villa. Also to the rumours that surfaced here and there and in connection with which it was repeatedly said that he and Joachim relationship with each other, he took the reunion to the Position. He explains again and again that he and Jan are exclusively on friendly terms with each other.

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The statements of Jan and Joachim are not received positively by all former participants. Sometimes it seems as if the discussions start exactly where they left off a few weeks ago.


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