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Hungary bans homosexuals from adopting

Hungary: Parliament bans homosexuals from adopting children

For some time now, the Hungarian government has been trying to restrict rights for sexual minorities.

Now provides Viktor Orbán for the next scandal. He and his party ban homosexual couples from adopting children.

This is, however, only one of many restrictions that same-sex couples in Hungary have to put up with.

The party around Viktor Orbán generally pursues a hostile course towards the LGBTQ Scene. Christian values and "normal" standards are to be incorporated in Hungary be maintained. The result: oppression and discrimination.

Which decision caused a stir?

The latest decision only further hardens the fronts between conservative policies and liberal ideals.

The justification for the adoption ban sounds absurd: "Father is man, mother is woman." With this "Argument", the corresponding decision was published.

The ban is intended to protect the "Christian culture" in Hungary be protected. Children should know their gender at birth "get". A legal registration of a different gender has been possible since May 2020 in Hungary no longer possible.

The consequences of this decision are evident on various levels and have a depressing effect. Because: a normal life for homosexual people is not possible in Hungary thus almost impossible. But that seems to be precisely the aim of the party around Viktor Orbán to be.

Every sexual orientation - apart from what is called "normal" applies - is not welcomed by the Hungarian government. By the way, the same applies to Roma and asylum seekers.

However, the ban on adoption is not the only new restriction planned.

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In the areas of education and upbringing, non-denominational and pro-LGBTQ content should be banned. This means that the corresponding values will also be passed on to future generations. So children will not learn that people with a sexual orientation other than "CIS" are also part of a functioning society.

Outrage and criticism from many sides

Many people in Hungary and beyond the country's borders are outraged by this news. Again and again, the innovations are described as "discriminatory" and "homophobic" designated.

Everyday life in Hungary unfortunately also shows time and again that prejudices against same-sex couples have long been in people's minds. Many of them are afraid, for example, to show their love on the open street because otherwise they will be attacked or even physically assaulted.

EU against Hungary?

Homosexuality and the desire for an open society are not, however, the only issues on which Victor Orbán currently disturbs.

Among other things, it also seems to be no longer in line with the principles of the EU to be able to identify. The fact that it is necessary to identify oneself as a recipient of funds received on the part of the EU paid, also to the ideals of the EU seems to bother the head of state to such an extent that he is obviously looking for a plan B. Hungary would then be less dependent on the values of the EU.

This is by no means the first time that it has become obvious how strongly the country opposes the rights of homosexuals and members of the LGBTQ scene. It is difficult to hope for a concession. The fronts have hardened too much for that. Even the appeals of leading politicians have fallen on deaf ears (at least so far).

At the end of the war: Homosexual victims of the Nazi regime

With the adoption ban, the country is definitely moving in a questionable direction that should preclude a change of course - at least in the near future.


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