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Together for more acceptance: The day 185 prominent people came out at the same time

185 German celebrities start a group outing

Even if outings of famous (and of course less famous) people should no longer shock in the 21st century, the media landscape was stirred up on 05 February 2021. Because: on that day, 185 actors and actresses came out of the closet, either gay, being lesbian, bi, queer, trans or non-binary.

The goal: more tolerance and enlightenment in society. Moreover, this particular statement proved that "Diversity"does not just have to be a catchphrase, but can also be lived in a special way.

The action must have surprised many people. Especially the LGBTQ Scene should, however, feel vindicated once again by the group outing.

A group outing with a few surprises

Sure, they also exist in Germany: the people who are simply known to be queer, for example because they are at the centre of certain actions or draw attention to themselves in the context of various relevant events.

However, the group outing, which was written about in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, is more than an action. It is a statement that holds a few surprises. Because: many of the celebrities who had themselves photographed here have so far kept their sexual orientation largely under wraps. Or in other words: only a few knew that they were not heterosexual.

Under the heading "We are already there"they want to set an example for more diversity in the film and TV industry.

185 German celebrities start a group outing

Who participated in the group outing?

Among the most surprising faces of the group outing in the Süddeutsche Zeitung were Karin Hanczewski ("Crime scene" Dresden), Ulrich Matthes ("The downfall") and Ulrike Folkerts ("Crime scene").

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All of them (and of course the other 182 participants) have exciting, moving stories to tell, in which many people will surely find themselves. It is about dealing with discrimination, prejudice and the fact that it is incredibly important to stand up for oneself and one's person.

If you take a closer look at the picture series, you will certainly discover one or the other face where the question "What? The one(s)?" arises.

At the same time, however, the consideration "Why NOT this one?". Especially in the 21st century, no one should assume per se that heterosexuality can be taken for granted just because people do not talk about their own sexual inclinations.

What are the advantages of group outings?

The motto "Together everything is easier!" also often takes effect with regard to an upcoming Outing. Because no matter whether it's among friends, work colleagues or family: anyone who comes out can be sure to be the focus of conversation for a (more or less long) period of time.

Depending on how positive (or negative) the reaction of those around you is, an unpleasant situation can arise. However, if you know that the "burden is spread over several shoulders", you are often a little more relaxed about the issue.

Another effect that becomes apparent - also on the psychological level - is the message of being "one among many". No one who comes out should have to feel alone or lonely. Group outing shows that the LGBTQ scene is bigger than it may often seem.

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185 German celebrities start a group outing
How can group outings be organised?

One of the most classic forms of group outing is certainly when several friends come out together in front of their families. But what if no one in the immediate circle is queer?

In this case - as is often the case - the internet can help. Group outings can also be realised wonderfully via social networks. All it takes is a little organisation and research to find the right "comrades-in-arms" and the right platform.

Beware! Unfortunately, the anonymity of the internet is often used to comment on statements of this kind with hate speech. If you are rather squeamish, it is best to focus on queer groups first. Here, the posts are often not publicly visible and those affected can be sure to exchange views with like-minded people.



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