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DBNA - experiences, focal points and possible alternatives



In search of flirts, adventures and like-minded people, many gays or members of the LGBTQ community to the pages of dbna. Here you will not only find lots of exciting news about queer and co. but also current content about the Scene. Here, mainly gays, Bisexual and interested people up to the age of 29 are addressed.

Regardless of whether you've just been "outed" or have been part of the scene for a long time, you'll find a lot of content here that invites you to browse through the most diverse areas.

In addition, the site can be used free of charge and offers various functions. A comprehensive offer - for both experienced and "new" gays.

But: as the offer is primarily aimed at young people or adults up to 29 years of age, various functions cannot be used by gays over this age. Accordingly, they have to look for an alternative.

However, especially for younger gays, is often a valuable contact point. It helps to make first contacts and to orient oneself. At some point, however, even the most passionate user becomes - literally - too old for DBNA.

What advantages does DBNA offer its users?

Apart from the fact that the target group of DBNA is limited due to the age restriction, this is a clear site with a lot of information.

Among other things, users benefit from:

  • the high probability of encountering peers
  • a practical blocking function
  • Photo checks by the moderators (sending nude pictures or dickpics is almost impossible)
  • A high level of user comfort and practical page navigation
  • the verification of profiles.
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In short: young gays who have not had any experience with corresponding chats and the various functions of relevant sites in the past have certainly found a suitable partner in DBNA.

The offer comes up with well-known "extras", such as profiles, personals, a forum and the messenger function, and is constantly supplemented with the latest news. Here, users have the opportunity - based on a meaningful profile - to show themselves from their best side. Accordingly, it should not be difficult to meet like-minded people within a short time and to get a clear insight into the scene.

Why are only gay men under 29 allowed on DBNA?

Good question! Unfortunately, there is no information about this on the site. Maybe it's because some users on other sites keep complaining that the target group is too old? Maybe it's about making a statement and taking up the cudgels for the younger generation?

Perhaps deliberately wants to set an example and focus on this particular target group? In the end, we can only speculate about this at the moment.

The fact is, however, that the corresponding content is particularly tailored to people up to 29 years of age. No matter whether current reports about the cancellation of the Cologne Pride events or highlighting current podcasts: many topics that interest young people are addressed here. It is also worthwhile to visit not only the news section, but also the chat section again and again. New content is often found here. The site is updated regularly and offers exciting news about the scene.

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But - as already mentioned - the site is aimed at younger people up to 29. Older gays will inevitably have to look for another platform. Not because DBNA is "bad", but because the access regulations are limited with regard to age.

Looking for a solution for all?

No matter whether you have been registered on for a long time and have now celebrated your famous 30th birthday or whether you are generally looking for a new chat and flirt portal: at some point it is time to let your eyes wander over the offers on the net.

Fortunately, there are many sites that offer similar services to, but cater to gays of almost all ages.

So if you are interested in a site without an age focus, you might like Here you have the opportunity to find many different Gay chats to get to know.

The complete offer is also supplemented by further functions. The result: a site that offers both young and older gays everything they expect from appealing entertainment.

The Gay chat on - looking for pleasure and nice conversations?

Due to the fact that sites such as do not have a maximum age, it is self-explanatory why numerous people with the most diverse backgrounds cavort here. And that is exactly what makes this offer so versatile. Whoever is looking for:

  • optionally profound, erotic or classical topics of conversation
  • a wide-ranging target group
  • a high seriousness factor

comes up in gay chat definitely at his expense.

The different age groups are largely equally represented here. This results in a wonderful cross-section of the scene that invites you to forgive yourself in search of like-minded people.

How to use the Planetro offer correctly

Many users have been here for years. They meet regularly to chat, some have even met in "real life" and always like to get to know new people. Respecting netiquette is also a standard for most users here.

Planet Randy or DBNA? Which is better?

Due to the different target groups and the high quality standard of both sites, it is not possible to speak of a "better" variant. Rather, the perfect choice of each user depends on their own expectations and - in the case of DBNA - of course also on their age.

Young gays up to 29 who are just getting their bearings in the scene and don't feel like chatting with older gays should feel particularly comfortable at DBNA. On the other hand, if you belong to the 29+ age group or would like to meet gays who have already exceeded this limit, you should opt for alternatives such as

However, both variants offer one advantage: a high transparency factor with regard to the registered users. The security standard is particularly high here - both at and at Fake profiles are tracked.

Thus, it is up to the individual taste of each user which variant is perceived as the better one. Experience shows that apart from age, it is often only nuances that decide which platform is ultimately chosen.

In other words, how do gay people and the church fit together?


Billy 14. March 2022 um 8:11

In addition to the portals mentioned, and good platforms to get to know queer people.


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