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Shopping Queen - Guido Maria Kretschmer gets angry.

Guido Maria Kretschmer goes crazy at Shopping Queen

This is what the fans of the format "Shopping Queen" waited! Finally it continues. After Corona had also thrown the filming into disarray here, the new episodes can now be broadcast.

However, viewers had rarely seen Guido Maria Kretschmer as stunned and angry as he was a few days ago. He seemed shocked in many ways by one contestant's decision to simply wear her own clothes to the decision.

Shopping Queen - what happened?

Actually, everything started as usual. Five candidates had the task of searching for the "perfect outfit". This time everything went under the motto "Stay safe, stay stylish! The mask as an eye-catcher of a summer outfit".

After all, the mask is now somehow part of a complete look for everyone. And who ever said that this important piece of fabric can't be visually matched to the rest of an outfit?

So the show was certainly also seen by many as an inspiration for their own dress ideas.

However, at the time of the motto announcement, no one could have guessed that one of the five participants would decide to change the rules without further ado.

Because: Petra, one of the participants, seemed to have an extremely hard time finding a suitable look. Nothing really appealed to her. So she decided to go for plan B: she simply put on one of her own summer dresses to decide. Officially, she wanted to excuse this more than questionable move by saying that the shops she visited did not have the right size.

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No one had flouted the show's rules even more brazenly in previous seasons.

Guido Maria Kretschmer was stunned in many ways

Guido Maria Kretschmer could not hide his displeasure and disappointment at such behaviour. After all, it is part of the basic concept of the show that a completely new outfit is shopped.

This is the only way to ensure that everyone starts the challenge with the same prerequisites and that no one can prepare for any eventualities.

In addition, the fashion expert was not particularly enthusiastic about the candidate's look. Accordingly, the start of the new season will certainly remain a lasting memory for the participants and the viewers.

Shopping Queen - what can viewers expect in the current season?

Even in times of the Corona crisis, shopping can and must of course be done. The principle of the programme was not changed - certainly also because of the already great success. But: the mask might not only have played an important role in the first episode.

After all, this accessory is still part of everyday fashion - at least in the coming weeks and months.

The hype surrounding Guido Maria Kretschmer and his Shopping Queen is still unbroken even after several years. Many viewers like to be inspired again and again and are certainly a little more sceptical about their own wardrobe in many respects.

In short: anyone who is interested in fashion and is looking for entertaining entertainment will get their money's worth again with the current Shopping Queen season. In addition, the prelude has shown that it will definitely not be boring, even with regard to unforeseen incidents.

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